8+ Trees That Like Coffee Grounds

8+ Trees That Like Coffee Grounds

It’s amazing to imagine that the coffee grounds which are often regarded as waste can be very useful in giving plants the best conditions that will make them thrive.

In the preparation of coffee, coffee grounds represent the end product, housing various essential minerals like nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, calcium; among others that are needed for the growth of plants.

It can ameliorate nutrient levels and also help you to lower the greenhouse gas emissions of your compost.

The use of coffee grounds has been on for sometimes, and it literally represents one of the inventive means of putting wastes from food to proper use.

For trees, making use of these coffee grounds as compost around them represents a bright means of adding more fertility to the soil.

Nevertheless, it’s important to have the understanding of how and when to use them on trees,

as well as the need to know the trees that like coffee grounds; the latter of which you will get to know as you read on this article.

Trees that like Coffee grounds

The Flowering dogwood tree is a typical example of the tree that like coffee grounds; it’s prevalent all through the US, and can thrive well under slightly acidic conditions using the coffee grounds.

Another example is the Magnolia tree; which is also widely cultivated all through the US, and can thrive best under a more acidic condition using the coffee grounds.

Furthermore, the Birch tree is another example of the tree that like coffee grounds; it’s prevalent and can also be found in most regions in the US.

Been closely related to the oak and beech trees, the tree will thrive well with a little addition of acidic conditions.

More so, the Pine trees also like coffee grounds; the variety of pines that mostly loves acid amendments like coffee grounds are the white pines.

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Moreover, there is also the Willow oaks tree which though might not necessarily needs much fertilization, nevertheless, the tree appreciates it when coffee grounds are been used to prepare its soil prior to planting,

better as compared to using any harsh fertilizer. Other examples of trees that like coffee grounds are; Beech trees, then fruit trees like; Citrus trees, Avocado trees, Apple trees, and so on.

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Are Coffee grounds good for all trees?

You must be aware that coffee grounds are not applicable to all trees; it is acidic and are mostly good for trees that are acid lovers.

Care must also be taken especially in cases where your soil had been confirmed to be rich in nitrogen; as further addition of coffee grounds could hinder the maturation of fruits and flowers.

Are Coffee grounds used as a Repellent?

Its great as a repellent because it naturally repels organisms that might be of great concerns to some trees.

Examples of such organisms are snails, slugs; among other bugs. So in this sense as a repellent, itd generally been great in protecting your trees.

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How much Coffee ground should you use on Fruit trees?

Care must be taken when adding coffee grounds to fruit trees; otherwise it can take over the soil and damage your fruit trees. Of your entire compost or soil, you can therefore add about 15 to 20% of coffee grounds.


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As you’ve now known some of the trees that like coffee grounds, you can now put your coffee waste to good use by using them to make these trees around you thrive well.


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