What Do I Put At The Bottom Of My Compost Bin?: Find Out Here

What Do I Put At The Bottom Of My Compost Bin?: Find Out Here

Short answer: putting something beneath your garden compost bin is not something that is recommended. Because a well-decomposed compost is usually obtained from a compost bin that is placed directly on the soil.

But, what if you are in a condition that needs you to put something at the bottom of your compost such as living in a small apartment and waterlogged region, and you are wondering “what do I put at the bottom of my compost”.

In this article, I am going to discuss in detail what can be put beneath the compost bin and then briefly look at some of your frequently asked questions.

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What do I Put at the Bottom of My Compost Bin?

The short answer to this question as earlier said is you do not need to place anything underneath the compost bin. This is because when you put the compost bin on the ground, decomposition organisms such as bacteria, fungi, earthworms, and millipedes can move from the soil into the compost bin, and this helps speed up the composting process.

These are organisms that aid in the breaking down of organic matters. And so when they are present in your compost bin, they help break down the kitchen waste and garden waste you add to your compost bin. This turn helps speed up or reduce the time at which the compost will complete.

However, in a situation where space you have at your backyard is not flat and when you put your compost bin without support, the compost will fa. In this case, you need to find a wooden or brick support and place it underneath the bottom of the compost bin.

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Moreover, during composting, compost usually gives drains out some excess water commonly known as compost tea. This compost tea contains many essential nutrients that support plant growth.

Some experienced gardeners sometimes put wooden support or bricks and then place a tray beneath the bottom of the compost bin and between the wooden support or bricks. The tray is used to collect the compost tea.

Another situation is when you do not have a space in your home and you only have one small apartment. In this case, also, you can put something at the bottom of the compost bin so that the compost tea will not mess up with your apartment.

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People that are living around mangrove swamp or waterlogged areas, areas where there is too much moisture or the ground is always wet. And you are thinking when you put your compost bin on such ground, the compost bin with getting clogged by the moisture. Then, you can put support beneath the bottom of your compost bin so that the compost bin will not get damaged by the moisture.

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Frequently asked Questions

Should Compost Bin have a Bottom?

A compost bin needs a bottom. The bottom helps conserve heat, which is required for the breakdown of composting materials. The bottom also helps prevent rodents and insects from messing up with your compost.

Additionally, it helps retain moisture, which is required by the decomposing microorganisms to carry out their microbial activities.

Where should I pit my Compost Bin in my Garden?

Normally, a compost bin is placed around a corner of the garden spot. The main thing is that your compost bin needs to be easily accessible whenever you want to add another kitchen waste or garden waste and when you want to harvest the compost.

The place in the garden should also be away from where occasional bad odor and leaching liquids that may come out from the compost are not causing a mess up.

You need to find and put your compost bin on a well-flat ground level that is well-drained and receives a reasonable amount of sunlight in a day.

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Are Eggshells Good for Compost?

Eggshells are good composting materials and can be added conveniently in a compost. Eggshells are a good source of essential plant nutrients such as calcium and carbon.

Should a Compost Bin be in Sun or Shade?

A compost bin can be placed either under the sun or in shade. But, the place where there is sunlight is most preferred.

Are Maggots in a Compost OK?

Maggots in compost is not a problem. In fact, they are larvae of earthworm and millipedes, organisms that aid in the breakdown and recycling of organic matters into the compost.

What will happen if you left the Compost too long?

Leaving your compost in a compost bin, pile, compost bags, or any other composting container for a long period of time will not make the compost bad so far you control the moisture levels of the compost by covering and storing it in a dry place.

However, with time, the compost will gradually disintegrate and Leach all the nutrients. And then, eventually, the compost will begin to rot and get contaminated with fungi.

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I hope this article helps learn what to put at the bottom of your compost bin if the need arises. Let me know if you have anything to ask in the comments section below.

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