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How To Make A Garden In Your Lawn

by Idris Ya'u
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Gardening can be done in environments which are very much convenient to anyone. This brings about cultivating crops, flowers or herbs in a space you have designed to cater for your agricultural activity.

Lawns are just another perfect place to start gardening. If you do have an interest in gardening and also with a lawn at your disposal, you are in the right place to start your planting.

How to make a garden in your lawn

Gardening in lawns have become a trend because it has a flexible accessibility. However, there are some mistakes that could be made while converting your lawn into a garden.

These mistakes are so because the nature of the soil has to be nurtured for proper plant growth without promoting the growth of weeds.

You must ensure to weed out grasses in the spot you want to use as a garden, apply weed killers and also ensure the ground is tilled and turned over to disrupt the growth of new weeds. Consider this as starting a garden afresh while following these steps:

Prepare your soil

You prepare your soil by clearing out the area of your lawn that is to be converted. Get rid of all the weeds there and till the soil almost immediately and consistently before making a ridge.

It is advisable to add manure, compost or mulch on the soil to help regain and retain the nutrients that must have been lost by the soil.

Do a soil test to know if your soil has the 40% sand and silt properties each as well as 20% clay.

While doing this, don’t forget to water and continue tilling to help the aeration process before planting.

Mark the size of the area and then make the ridges that will be well contained in your garden size.

These ridges have to be with best soils nurtured or bought from garden stores.

Choose your plants

Knowing that your lawn is in a position where it is well exposed to the weather like sun or wind, you need to consider the kind of plants you want to plant.

This step could also come before preparing the soil because the kind of plant you want to cultivate will also help you decide on which part of the lawn you can clear out for your gardening if it is a well sunlight exposed area or a shady area.

Get your seeds or plants to be planted/ transplanted into your ridges. You have a choice to decide the kinds of plants you would be dealing with, whether annual plants or perennial plants.

(check out the best garden seeds to buy)

Post planting

After planting, you need to dutifully care for your plants using the right gardening tools. Gardening is not limited to planting only, it involves a continuous process of nurturing and caring.

Despite having a garden in your space, it is important to fence the plants and all the ridges made for all the plants in their various sections.

Also, liberally use mulch to guide and fill the ridge ways as well as your garden beds.

What should I consider while converting my lawn into a garden?

You need to consider the space you want to work with as regards the space and all other activities your lawn might be used for in your house.

You should also know that less water is needed for gardening compared to maintaining a lawn.

Also, the climate condition of the area as well as the kind of plants you want to cultivate which can range from flowers, edibles etc.

How can I plant on a lawn which has been converted to a garden?

There are various ways you can plant which could be planting on directly on the ground, on raised beds (ridges), in pots or containers. Any of these choices will determine if clearing the grass is necessary or not.

Gardening is an interesting activity that need not be limited in your house. Taking it out will help add life to your surroundings and introduce colors.

All it takes is getting your interest first prior to having your gardening kit to start with. It is advisable to start with a smaller section so that you can work your way into more space when you have mastered the act of managing your garden.


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