Do Clematis Like Coffee Grounds? Step By Step Answer

Clematis Like Coffee Grounds

Do Clematis Like Coffee Grounds? Of course, they do. Coffee grounds are absolutely great for clematis and can make your clematis garden happier in several ways.

1) Coffee in Compost

We have two types of compost material which are the “brown” and “green” material. Coffee grounds are categorized under the “green” material and are rich in nitrogen with approximately 1.45% nitrogen content.

They also contain other nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other trace minerals. Other green compost materials include grass clippings and food scraps. Adding coffee grounds to your compost provided green compost material.

However, it needs to be balanced with brown compost material and examples of brown compost material which can be used include dry leaves and newspapers. The expected ratio of brown to green compost material is 4:1. Having excess green. Compost material will make your compost pile Start smelling and not also having enough of the green material will make the compost pile not heat up.

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2) Fertilizing your clematis with Coffee Grounds

You can apply coffee grounds directly to the soil in your clematis garden. You can also scratch it into the top couple inches of soil, or perhaps, just sprinkle the grounds on top of the soil and leave it as it is.

In smaller amounts, most especially when mixed with dry materials, coffee grounds give up their nitrogen. Avoid using too many coffee grounds too much of it can be detrimental to your clematis plants.

Also, coffee grounds contain small particles which can lock together if it’s applied in excess and this can end up creating a water-resistant barrier in your clematis garden and having an adverse effect on the clematis plants and likewise the flowers.

You can also make the coffee ground “tea” by adding 2/cups of used coffee grounds to a 5-gallon bucket of water and allow the tea to steep for a few hours or perhaps, overnight. This coffee ground “tea” is used as a liquid fertilizer and is suitable for clematis.

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3) Feed Your Worms with the coffee grounds

Worms love coffee grounds. You can add coffee grounds to your worm bin every week but ensure that when adding, you don’t add too many at once as coffee grounds contain high acidic content which could bother your worms. Thus, a cup of grounds per week for a small worm bin is just perfect.

4) use coffee grounds Keep Pests Away from clematis

Coffee grounds are known to be abrasive, so having a barrier of grounds placed near your clematis plants will help to keep away snails, slugs, as well as other garden pests. Coffee grounds have a strong smell which also keeps away cats as they dislike the smell of the grounds and having the grounds mixed into the soil will prevent them from using your clematis garden as their litter box.

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Using coffee grounds in your clematis garden will give the soil higher acidity, serve as fertilizer for the clematis plants amongst other functions and end up giving your clematis a healthy growth and development with a beautiful bloom. All these explain why clematis do love coffee grounds.

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