How To Use Coffee Grounds For Roses

How To Use Coffee Grounds For Roses

Coffee grounds contain nutrients required by roses, nitrogen being the most important. The minerals present in coffee grounds also help in the growth of the roses. These minerals include phosphorus, copper, and potassium.

These minerals will help in improving the overall health of your soil thus, beneficial for the roses. The trick to this is adding your grounds to your rose-beds at the appropriate time and in the appropriate quantity. Explained below are some of the ways by which you can use coffee grounds for your roses:

1) Adding Coffee Grounds to Your Compost

In the process of mixing up coffee grounds into your compost, nutrients are being added and dispersed effectively. Your coffee grounds are under the green waste category and your compost contain coffee grounds can be user anywhere in the garden as a fertilizer.

When making use of it for your roses, add a layer of compost around each plant to prevent weeds from coming through, as well as to improve the soil and retain moisture. Never put your compost next to the stem of the rose as this can cause a rot. Thus leave nothing less than an inch gap all around the stem of the plant.

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2) Using Coffee Grounds as a Mulch and Fertilizer

Coffee grounds can be added directly to the beds. Coffee grounds are to be most likely neutral or slightly acidic in their raw form. Thus, making use of them without adding compost or leaves needs to carefully and properly done. Some ways by which this can be carried out include:

I) Making a coffee ground mulch: This is done by adding grounds with leaves and making use of it around your rose bushes.

II) Making coffee ground tea: This is carried out by making an addition of half a pound of used coffee grounds to a 2-gallon watering can and mixing properly. Make use of one 2-gallon can-full for every mature rose bush.

III) Sprinkling coffee grounds: This should be done in small quantities around your rose bushes. In the process, the worms and rain help in digging them in. This is to avoid disturbing shallow roots. In the absence of rain, make use of a 2-gallon watering can for each rose plant.

IV) You can also try adding coffee grounds to the hole when planting your roses. Roses are acid-loving plants and adding coffee grounds to them will help to kick-start growth.

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V) Feed your worms with coffee grounds. These worms love them and in turn, help in the growth of your rose plants. These worms travel and create tunnels which help in getting water and air into the roots of your rose bushes.

For compacted soil or soil with poor drainage, worms are invaluable. There worms are lovers of coffee grounds and feed on the grounds resulting in worm casts full of nutrients which get ploughed back into the soil, thus, enriching it and helping the plants grow not only bigger, but also helping them grow better.

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I hope this article was of excellent help to you in understanding how to use coffee grounds for roses. I would like to hear from you. So, let me know if you have any questions about using coffee grounds for roses.

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