How To Transplant Asparagus Fern

Transplant Asparagus Fern

The common names for asparagus ferns are Protasparagus densiflorus and Protasparagus setaceus which are two species of perennial plants grown for their arching, plumy fronds. A number of asparagus ferns develop a lank, shabby appearance with age and are required to be divided to encourage the production of fuller foliage. In this article, I will be discussing transplanting asparagus ferns from their roots.

Transplanting asparagus ferns from their roots is very easy and known to be highly effective. However, it works best when carried out in autumn as the plant enters dormancy. Explained below are the processes of transplanting asparagus ferns

1) The night before transplanting, ensure to water the asparagus fern thoroughly. This is required to be done before transplanting the root divisions. The soil must be moistened to a 4-inch depth so as to ensure that the soil is loose and the roots, adequately hydrated.

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2) Measure out 4 inches. This should be done around the base of the asparagus fern. Then, dig down to a depth of 6 inches along the 4-inch mark. This can be done with a spade. Work the blade underneath the root ball and loosen it.

3) Proceed to raise the asparagus fern from the soil and make fill of the hole that is left. Pour water over the root ball while also carrying out disintegration of the surrounding soil. Continue rinsing and removing the soil till you get plain visibility of the roots.

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4) Put together fronds into three or probably, four equal portions. Tie them up with twisted ties or strings so as to keep them out of the way. However, ensure that each frond portion is above a section of the root ball which possesses lots of roots.

5) Set the blade of a gardening knife between the frond portions. Proceed by cutting straight down carefully to make a division of the roots into equal portions. Be sure that each of the divisions has an equal amount of roots.

6) Move the asparagus fern divisions to their new transplant site without delay or you can wrap them in a damp towel to prevent the roots from drying up and to keep them hydrated while preparing it. Preserve them under light shade if there is a postponement of the transplant.

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7) Transplant the asparagus fern divisions into a garden bed with the same growing conditions as the parent plant or into planters that are filled with standard potting soil. Ensure the base of the fronds is even or balanced. They can also be slightly above the soil surface.

8) Water the asparagus fern divisions to a 3-inch depth as soon as the above process is carried out. When you notice that the top 2 inches of the soil are barely moist, water again. Retain some water during wet weather if your asparagus ferns are grown outdoors.

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I hope this article helps you understand how to transplant asparagus fern. If you want to know more about transplanting plants, read our step-by-step guide here. I would like to hear from you. Let me know if you have any questions.