Learn About The Stages Of Growing Asparagus

Learn About The Stages Of Growing Asparagus

You might have the belief that growing asparagus can be complicated which it isn’t. If the right techniques and conditions are followed accurately and carefully, you get a high yield and abundant harvest. This article discusses the three stages involved in growing asparagus which are:

1) Planting
2) Care and maintenance
3) Harvesting

Growing asparagus is easy and straightforward but needs proper care to ensure it is healthy grown at every stage. This is essential to take note of when aiming at achieving the highest quality of yield and outcome in your crops. Cultivating asparagus in a greenhouse is common with some people but has its own disadvantages though. Explained below are the stages of growing asparagus:

Asparagus Planting Stage

This is the first stage of growing asparagus. Basically, asparagus plants are expected to be planted when they are cooler. The early months of spring are still very okay for that. This is because, at this period, the soil temperature is about 50°F. Asparagus can be planted using seeds or crowns.

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If planting using the crowns, it’s expected that you are working with the root system of one-year-old asparagus. This is seen as a quicker method as it eliminates the stress of lots of weeding which is common with the planting of asparagus seeds. However, when planting asparagus using either seeds or crowns, it is important to choose a sunny area. This is due to the fact that asparagus requires about 8 hours of sunlight daily to thrive as this helps to ensure the optimal health of the crop. Also, ensure the pH level of the soil is between 6.5 and 7.5.

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Asparagus Growth, Care, & Maintenance Stage

It takes up to 2-3 years to grow asparagus. During the years of planting your crops, weeds will grow which will be eliminated, and therefore weed management is a process during the life span of the asparagus plant. This is essential to prevent weeds from invading the entire area. Asparagus requires about a couple of inches of water during the first two years.

Also, ensure to feed your plants during fall or spring as it helps to maintain their growth. Asparagus is known to multiply. Within 3 years the crops would have become thick and your planting area filled up. Therefore it is important you measure your pots and beds before planting to prevent overcrowding. Ensure to trim off the dead foliage during the first couple of years. This is accurately done by cutting the dead foliage at about 2 inches from above the ground to make diseases and pest management easier.

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Harvesting Stage of Asparagus

This is the final stage of growing asparagus. Asparagus of inches between 8 and 10 is ripe for harvest. The younger the spear, the more tender the asparagus is so when trimming off the spears, ensure to do so at around the ground level. Once you notice the spear is already small, you can then stop. If the stages are followed accurately, be sure to have a profitable and abundant yield that will be worth your time, energy, and money.

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I hope this article helps you understand the different stages of asparagus growth. I would like to hear from you about asparagus growing stages. Let me know if you have any questions. If you want to know more about the stages of growing cabbage, read our detailed guide here.

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