How To Grow Asparagus In Container

How To Grow Asparagus In Container

Asparagus is a plant, a hardy, perennial vegetable to be more precise. It is possible to grow asparagus in containers but it is important to note that the plant may not live as hoped. Also have it in mind that asparagus is a perennial vegetable and so, requires a lot of patience before it can be harvested.

To grow asparagus, you will need seeds, roots, or transplants. It is necessary that the seeds should be either started inside in February or planted outside in April. If you are growing using the asparagus roots, ensure to spread the roots out in the hole as evenly as possible if you plant a root leaving a six-inch cavity above the root.

The spears will definitely pop up and when this happens, cover them with soil until there is uniformity between the spears and the ground. Asparagus plants are known to love water and so, need regular watering as well as consistent fertilization throughout the growing season.
To grow asparagus in a container, here is the step by step instructions:

1) Choose the right container: This is perhaps the most important aspect of successfully growing asparagus when it involves growing it outside a garden bed. When choosing a container, choose one that will fit your space and which will also be large. Ensure to grow only one asparagus plant per container to avoid competition with other plants. It is important to make use of a container with multiple drainage holes at the base. You can as well create your own drainage holes.

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2) Make use of the right soil: Light soil with a pH of 6.5 to 7 is ideal for the successful growth of asparagus. It can grow well in loam soil, sandy soil as well as clay soil. In as much as it holds moisture well and can be easily irritated, the asparagus will grow.

3) Prepare the asparagus: If you are making use of the crowns (roots), soak them in water for few minutes or when you notice they are properly hydrated. Soaking them for too long could damage the crowns. Separate the crowns carefully after soaking.

4) Plant the asparagus: Place one crown carefully at the center of your container and spread its root outwards. You can place each crown in each container or space them in one container depending on the size of the container. If you want to know how to grow asparagus from seeds and Cuttings, read our detailed step-by-step guide to growing asparagus from seeds and Cuttings.

5) Cover it with soil: After carrying the above process, cover each crown carefully with about 4 to 6 inches of soil. After this, level off the soil by patting it down.

6) Water the Plant: This is very necessary as it is important that the soil is kept moist but not watery.

7) Place the container in a sunny location: Sun is a basic need for a plant’s growth. Search for an area in your garden where the sun hits the most and place it there.

8) Cover the soil with mulch: Once you notice small shoots, cover the planter or container with mulch but ensure it doesn’t cover the asparagus shoot itself.

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9) harvesting the asparagus: if you learn how to harvest asparagus, read our step-by-step guide on how to harvest asparagus.

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I hope this article helps you understand how to grow asparagus in the container. I would like to hear from you. Let me know if you have any questions about growing asparagus in containers.