How To Prepare Corn Seeds For Planting

How To Prepare Corn Seeds For Planting

Corn seeds also known as maize can be classified as a cereal crop. It is scientifically called Zea Mays and is also from the family of Poaceae. It’s an edible grain that contains vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and is also known as a domesticated crop.

They can be used as food for both humans and also as livestock feeds. When preparing your corn seeds for planting there are a few things to note about the corn seeds generally. The first thing to note is how to get your corn seeds.

How do I get Corn seeds?

1) Corn is a monocotyledonous plant and an annual plant, they are also known as kernels seeds which can be gotten from saving seeds from a crop of Zea Mays which is quite simple to do since the plants have grown to seed maturity and have been harvested. The grains can be removed from their cobs and stored for planting until they are ready to be planted in the soil.

2) They can also be gotten from the market.

How to go about the preparation

In preparing the seeds for planting, we must not also forget that corn seeds are generally of different types and varieties and they also vary in color, size, and shape. You can choose any particular variety you prefer and like especially the one that is most readily available to you. After you must have selected and chosen the right seeds, the following are a list of things to put in place for the planting of the corn seeds:

1) You must allow the corn seeds to dry and put them in a basket or an area where there is good shelter. When the seeds have been properly dried, you can store them in a dry container and in a cool place until the planting time. You can save as many seeds as you want.

2) Corn seeds when planted require about 60 to 90 days for maturity. This must be put into consideration when preparing to plant the corn seeds as this will give you a time frame of when your harvest time will most likely be. Learn more about harvesting corn.

3) As part of your preparation, you can test the soil PH to know the soil fertility. This is because corn seeds require well-drained soil rich in nutrients.

4) You will need to look for an area with large space that can accommodate the corn seeds when it starts germinating. This is because corn plants need a lot of space for proper pollination In order to avoid poorly filled ears.

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5) Corn is easily affected by frosts, so it is advisable to check for the warning signs before putting those seeds into the soil. This will help in your preparation and allow you to hold on to your planting until the weather is warm and friendly for planting.

6) You also need to understand and check the soil topography of the area in which you intend to plant your corn seeds. You can clear the land ahead by removing weeds, rocks, and other unwanted things before planting the corn seeds.

7) Lastly, you must carefully select your planting period because corn is also a warm weather-loving plant and requires a sunny environment for quick germination and harvest.

After all these necessary preparations have been put in place, the corn seeds can then be taken out from where they have been stored or bought from depending on which one you prefer to use and ready for planting. When ready to plant all that is needed is to pour the corn seeds into a bowl and soak it in Luke warm water, you will notice that the seed swells with the soaking. Then you can keep it overnight. You can then drain the water and plant the seeds in prepared garden soil.


I hope this article gives you useful information on how to prepare corn for planting. I would like to hear from you. Let me know if you have any questions about preparing corn seeds for planting.