Miracle-Gro Water Storing Crystals Review: Is It Worth It?

Miracle gro water storing crystals review

In this article, I’m going to review Miracle-gro water storing crystals so that you can make the best decision for yourself. Key features we are going to consider while reviewing this product are ease of use, absorbency, scent, and value for your money.

Miracle gro water storing crystals review

Miracle-Gro Water Storing Crystals Review: Is It Worth It?Miracle-Gro Water Storing Crystals Review: Is It Worth It?

The miracle gro water storing crystals were produced to help avoid overwatering and underwatering of plants. The way these crystals work is by absorbing the water you give to your plants and then releasing the water gradually to the plants. This helps prevent over and underwatering of plants.

The miracle gro water storing crystals can be used on both indoor and outdoor plants to improve soil quality, plant growth, and scent.

With this, I believe you have a clear picture of what Miracle-gro water storing crystals is all about. Now, let us jump right into the detailed review of this product.

Easy to use: Miracle-gro water storing crystals are very easy to use. It has gotten 4.7 stars reviews on Amazon for this feature.

Absorbency: the crystals also have outstanding features when it comes to absorbing water and releasing the water gently to the plants. For this feature, miracle gro water storing crystals got 4.6 stars reviews on Amazon.

Effects on plants and soil: it is important to consider the side effects this product has on both plants and soil quality. According to this report by The Conservation, water storing crystals are safe for the environment and they do not cause any damage to both plants and soil. These crystals are formulated using eco-friendly materials.

Scent: the miracle gro water storing crystals also does not produce an unpleasant odor when added to the soil. In fact, the crystals add a nice aroma to your backyard or indoor garden. The product has gotten 4.6 stars reviews on this feature.

Value for money: Most customers’ reviews on Amazon indicated that the product is good and the customers got what they want.

For more customers’ reviews and prices, check the product here on Amazon.

How to use water crystals for water plants

Using the water storing crystals is very simple. To use, just add your potting soil into a container. Mix in the right amount of Miracles gro water storing crystals into the potting soil. Check the product package to find out the correct ratio of potting soil to water storing crystals.

After adding the water storing crystals, place your plants into the potting soil and fill in the rest of the space with potting soil. Leave 1-inch space from the top of your container. Finally, water the plants.

However, if you are adding the crystals to an already established pot, here is how to add the water storing crystals:

Create many holes in the potting soil using a stick or pencil. Ensure that the holes created are evenly spread around your plants in the pots. Additionally, ensure that the roots are not tempered while creating the holes. To find the right amount of water crystals that you need to add to the pots, check the product’s package for details.

And if you want to add the miracle gro water storing crystals to the garden plants, here is how to do it: mix in the Miracle-gro water storing crystals into the garden ground through the plant’s root zone at the rate of 7 teaspoons per 6-foot row. Water your plants finally.

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Frequently asked questions about Miracle-gro water storing crystals

Below are some of your frequently asked questions about water storing crystals:

Are Water storing crystals safe?

To date, there is not any report that has shown the toxic effects of water storing crystals on plants, soil, or animals.

Are Water storing crystals good for plants?

Water storing crystals are beneficial to plants because they help reduce water stress in plants.

How long do water retaining crystals last?

According to some manufacturers of water crystals, the crystals retain water that is 300-400 times their weight in the liquid. Then, the crystals will conserve the water by gradually releasing the moisture to the plants for up to about 3 years.

Is perlite the same as water storing crystals?

Perlite is not the same as water storing crystals. Despite perlite also retain water, the water retained by perlite drain out quickly than the water stored by water storing crystals. The perlite is usually used to improve soil aeration.

What are the disadvantages of perlite?

Some of the disadvantages of perlite include draining water so easily, creating respiratory problems, and eye irritation.

Should I add perlite to raised beds?

Yes, you can add perlite in raised beds. You can add perlite in raised beds to increase drainage and lighten the soil.

Can you grow plants in just perlite?

Yes, you can grow plants in the only perlite. However, it is good to mix fine grades and medium grades perlite if you want to use the only perlite for growing plants.

Which is better perlite or pumice?

Pumice is considered better than perlite. Pumice usually lasts longer than perlite. It also holds plants to the soil more than perlite.

Can you use too much perlite?

Adding plenty of perlite in the garden or potting soil will make the water drain so easily. Common signs that show perlite is too much are yellowing of plants and drying of the soil.


I hope this Miracle-gro water storing crystals review gives you a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use the water storing crystals plus the benefits you can derive from using it. I would like to hear from you. Let me know if you have any questions.