How to Spread Wood Ash on Lawn

How to Spread Wood Ash on Lawn

Although it may not be obvious to the layman, putting wood ash on the lawn is one of the finest ways to preserve general health and vigor. It’s quick, simple, and efficient.

Wood ash is produced by the combustion of hardwood, softwood, and other organic materials. Because it includes calcium, potassium, and magnesium,

which are vital elements for healthy and vigorous plant development, it is frequently used as an alternative fertilizer to chemical fertilizers.

It also helps to regulate soil pH, decreases acidity, and makes the atmosphere more conducive to plant development.

How to Spread Wood Ash on Lawn

You have two options when it comes to putting wood ash on your grass. You may either spread the ash to the grass directly or incorporate it into the soil before planting.

Regardless, the ratios are same. The amount of wood ash you sprinkle on your lawn will depend on the size of your garden and how frequently you want to apply it.

However, before you add any wood ash, you must first evaluate the pH of your soil.

You may use a test kit to do this, or you can mix some wood ash with water and test the pH levels by placing a few drops on a white plate. Your soil is already reasonably neutral if it is between 6.5 and 7.5.

Ideally, you should add roughly 10-15 pounds of wood ash to every 1000 square feet of lawn. Repeat every five years or when the pH of the soil falls to 5.5 or below.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Gather all of the dry twigs, branches, leaves, and twine and remove them off your grass.

This will eliminate any unnecessary debris that may be detracting from the overall aesthetic of your grass.

Moisten your grass: If you’ve decided to apply it straight on the lawn, be sure to hydrate it first.

This keeps the ash from flying away in the wind, which is especially essential if you live in a windy place.

Rake the Ash: If you’re working it into the soil, rake the ash over the lawn’s surface. A leaf rake is the most convenient tool for this, although an ordinary garden rake would suffice.

Use a shovel or a garden hoe to incorporate the ash into the soil. In any case, make careful to incorporate the ash into the top one inch of soil.

This is significant because it will help prevent the formation of hazardous bacteria and fungus in your grass while also enhancing its beauty. Water Well: After spreading the ash, water the grass well.

Is it true that wood ash kills grass?

Wood ash has the potential to harm grass. It is an alkaline material that can quickly impact the pH values of your soil if used in big quantities or without sufficient preparation.

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Can I spread ashes from my fireplace on my lawn?

You may use fireplace ashes on your grass, but be careful how much you use in the initial application. It will raise the pH level of your lawn and, if used in excess, may destroy it.


The easiest method to achieve this is to gradually add it to the soil or use it in modest amounts so that it does not overpower your grass.

To achieve the greatest results, experts recommend combining it with different types of fertilizers.

Not only can wood ash help the health of your grass, but it is also inexpensive and widely available.

Many gardeners use it to keep the pH of their lawns balanced.

Want to make your own wood ash fertilizer? Check this article on how to make wood ash fertilizer.


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