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7 Best Ways To Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard

by Idris Ya'u
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Did you know that a single mole can tunnel up to 18 feet in just one hour? You’re not alone if you’ve been dealing with these underground pests wreaking havoc on your yard.

But fear not – there are effective strategies you can implement to reclaim your outdoor space from these elusive creatures.

By making some simple changes and utilizing targeted methods, you can finally say goodbye to those pesky molehills and enjoy a beautifully manicured lawn once again.

What are Moles?

If you’ve ever wondered what those elusive creatures digging tunnels in your yard are, moles are small mammals known for their subterranean lifestyle.

These creatures have velvety fur, tiny eyes, and strong forearms designed for digging. Moles are insectivores, meaning they primarily feast on insects like earthworms, beetles, and grubs found in the soil.

Their underground tunnels can span vast areas as they search for food, creating unsightly ridges in your yard.

Signs You Have Moles in Your Yard

Keep an eye out for these telltale signs to confirm the presence of moles and take action accordingly:

Dead Grass

When dead patches of grass start appearing in your yard, it could be a clear sign that you have moles underground. These pesky critters tunnel beneath the soil, damaging the roots of your grass, which leads to unsightly dead spots in your otherwise lush lawn.

This is not ideal as it could force you to regularly reseed your lawn – a time-consuming process.



Look for small mounds of soil in your yard, as these molehills are a clear indicator that you have moles underground. These molehills are usually about 2 inches tall and may appear anywhere in your yard. Molehills are formed when moles dig tunnels underground, pushing the soil up to the surface.

Additionally, the shape of the molehills is usually round and symmetrical. By identifying these molehills, you can pinpoint the areas where moles are active in your yard.

Mounds that are far apart

After identifying molehills in your yard, another sign that you have moles present is the presence of mounds that are scattered far apart. These mounds, appearing randomly and at a distance from each other, indicate multiple mole tunnels beneath the surface.

When you notice these mounds spread out across your yard, it suggests that you might have a network of moles actively tunneling and foraging for food.

7 Tips To Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard

Check out our seven tips on how to get rid of moles in your yard:

1. Identify Active Mole Runways

To take care of your garden and protect it from moles properly, inspect your yard for raised tunnels and mounds to identify active mole runways easily. Mole runways are tunnels just below the surface created by moles as they search for food. Look for raised ridges or lines of earth that may indicate where the moles are actively tunneling.

Active runways are usually free of debris and freshly pushed-up soil. These tunnels are where moles travel most frequently, making them the best spots to take action. 

2. Set Mole Traps

Consider strategically placing mole traps in active runways to catch moles from your yard effectively. 

Once you locate these areas, gently press down any surface tunnels to check for activity. Choose traps that are suitable for mole control and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper placement. Set the traps carefully, ensuring they’re secure and not wobbly.

Check the traps frequently and remove any captured moles promptly to maintain the effectiveness of the traps. Remember, patience is key when using traps, so give it some time before expecting significant results. 

3. Set Up Baits

Choose baits like earthworms, mealworms, or specially formulated mole bait and place them in active mole tunnels near the surface. Make sure to wear gloves to reduce human scent on the bait. Monitor the baits daily and replenish them as needed.

Remember, patience is key, as it may take some time for the moles to find and consume the baits.

4. Apply Repellents

To effectively deter moles from invading your yard, apply repellents strategically to create an environment that’s unappealing to these underground pests. 

Choose repellents containing castor oil, which can be sprayed or spread in granular form. These products work by creating an unpleasant taste and smell for moles, encouraging them to relocate to more hospitable areas.

Be sure to follow the application instructions carefully to maximize effectiveness. 

Additionally, consider using repellents with ingredients like garlic or predator urine, as these can also help keep moles at bay. Regularly reapply the repellents, especially after heavy rain, to maintain their potency.

5. Use Plants as Barriers

Certain plants like daffodils, marigolds, alliums, and castor beans are known to repel moles due to their strong scents or toxic properties. Plant these around the perimeter of your yard or garden to create a natural barrier that moles will avoid. 

Plant thick-rooted plants like daffodils or lily-of-the-valley to make it harder for moles to tunnel through the soil.

6. Improve Yard Drainage

Proper drainage helps keep the soil dry, making it less appealing for moles to burrow.

To enhance yard drainage, ensure that your gutters are clear of debris and direct water away from your home’s foundation. Consider installing French drains or adding a layer of gravel to areas prone to water accumulation. 

7. Eliminate Food Sources

Moles are drawn to places abundant in grubs, earthworms, and insects, so reducing these populations can help deter them. Encourage birds like robins and bluebirds that feed on these pests as a natural way to control their numbers.

Keep your yard clean from fallen fruits, nuts, and birdseed that can serve as a food source for moles. Regularly mow your lawn and remove thatch to make the environment less hospitable for these underground dwellers.


Say goodbye to moles in your yard with these effective strategies. By following these tips, you can rid your lawn of these pesky critters and enjoy a mole-free outdoor space.

Remember to be persistent and patient in your efforts to eliminate moles from your yard. With a little time and effort, you can successfully keep your yard mole-free and protect your beautiful lawn and garden.

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