Can Dead Flowers Be Used As Fertilizer? Now Answered

Can Dead Flowers Be Used As Fertilizer? Now Answered

The short answer to this question is yes. This is because every organic flower can be composted. Dead flowers can be used as fertilizer. Dead flowers are actually organic and the fact is that anything that is organic will rot down into compost. A compost bin, pile, or heap will turn dead flowers into compost.

You can shred your dead flowers before adding them to your compost. This is because shredding ensures faster rotting. However, it is not necessary to do that to dead flowers. Instead, you can just have them laid on your compost. With time, they will blend in with everything else.

Are Dead Flowers ‘Green’ or ‘Brown’ Compost?

There is a belief that dead flowers are a ‘green’ in the compost mix. When flowers get to a point where they are gone forever, they would have regressed to a state of being, mostly, dried out.

This conditions makes them to also be partly classified as ‘Browns’ when it comes to assessing the balance of the composting mass. The fact is that ‘Green’ element will still be present in there because although we refer to them as dead flowers, they might not be completely dead.

Dead flowers are generally regarded as a balanced mix within themselves. This means that if you had a compost heap, pile, or bin full of only dead flowers, they would rot down into compost by themselves.

What to Add to Dead Flowers

Two ingredients which you might need to add to dead flowers when making compost are: water and hydrated white lime. Water may only be necessary if you have added a large amount of dead flowers and they are particularly dry.

For the second ingredient which is hydrated white lime, it will help in neutralizing the acids which are generated when compost is forming.

How to Compost Dead Flowers

You can start by pinching the spent blosooms from your flowering plants. Afterwards, separate the petals and you can then toss them in an outdoor compost heap contained in a covered bin or pit in the ground. The dead flowers provide the carbon to the mix. If they are a bit spent, they provide the nitrogen required.

Are dead flowers good for soil?

Yes, of course. Dead flowers, including dead plants are great sources of carbon in the composting pile. Thus, they need to be composted.

Can dried flowers be used as fertilizer?

Absolutely yes! Dried flowers are considered a brown compost material and so, they can be used as fertilizer.

Are flower petals good for soil?

Both flower petals and spent flower heads as well as stems are excellent materials for composting. Flower petals happen to be moist, nitrogen rich organic material which possess a fine texture and will break down faster. You can use both flower petals and spent flower heads for composting.


Dead flowers can be used as fertilizer by simply composting them. This action is also seen to be the most eco-friendly use for dying flowers. A simple bin or a fancy rotating composter can be used if you are new to composting.