How To Make Wood Ash Fertilizer

How To Make Wood Ash Fertilizer

Wood ash may be used to create your own super fertilizer: You’ve probably heard of super foods, which are foods that are very nutritious and need extra attention.

Experts recommends a simple, effective fertilizer that you can manufacture yourself.

It’s time to give wood ash its due. It’s often ignored and often derided owing to overuse.

If you heat your home with wood, you already have a ready supply. If not, all you need is a campfire to get started.

How to make wood ash fertilizer

This technique is more in line with Terra Preta’s conception. To reduce dust, combine wood ashes with damp leaf mold.

You might improve your fertilizer by combining one pound of kelp meal and one pound of sugar for every twenty pounds of ashes.

If your soil lacks phosphorus, add bones to the fire and smash them with the charcoal.

Expert recommends a weight of 5 to 50 pounds per 1,000 square feet. Avoid applying on soils with a pH greater than 7.8.

Wood ash does not replace soil test and fertility recommendations; rather, it enhances them and minimizes the total requirement to acquire expensive off-site inputs.

The benefit of employing wood ash is that the mineral spectrum and ratio have already been determined by plants.

Its tiny dust acts quickly in soil. Wood ashes are high in trace and secondary minerals and contain no nitrogen.

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Take the following steps to establish an ideal growth environment in your garden:

Maintain adequate mineral levels in your soil; limit soil-applied nitrogen to a minimum; maintain the soil continuously wet; and create your own super fertilizer.

What exactly is wood ash made of?

Wood ash typically includes less than 10% potash, 1% phosphate, and trace levels of micronutrients such as iron, manganese, boron, copper, and zinc.

Heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, nickel, and chromium may also be present in trace concentrations. Nitrogen is not present in wood ash.

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How much soil you should put wood ash?

Given how acidic cattle dung is, wood ash is especially helpful if you put a lot of it on your garden.(for details, check our article on how to spread wood ash on lawn)

Lime is twice as good at neutralizing acid as wood ash is. Apply two ounces of ash per square yard as a general guideline (50-70g per square meter).

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In a nut shell, to make wood ash fertilizer, combine wood ashes with wet leaf mold to reduce the dust.

For every 20 pounds of ashes, you might wish to add 1 pound of kelp meal and 1 pound of sugar to your fertilizer to improve it.

Add bones to the blaze and smash them with the charcoal if your soil lacks phosphorus.


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