Using Coffee Grounds And Eggshells For Tomato Plants: Step By Step Guide

Coffee Grounds And Eggshells On Tomato Plants

Are coffee grounds and eggshells good for tomato plants? Both coffee grounds and eggshells can be used for your tomato plants and can be used in various ways which will be explained in this article.


1) COFFEE GROUNDS AS COMPOST: Adding coffee grounds to your compost gives a source of nitrogen to the soil and ultimately, to your tomato plants when the compost is mixed with the soil.

2) COFFEE GROUNDS AS SOURCE OF SOIL ACIDITY: Tomatoes are acid-loving plants. Coffee grounds make the soil acidic when applied to the soil. This helps to promote the growth and development of tomato plants.

3) COFFEE GROUNDS AS NITROGEN-RICH FERTILIZER: The addition of coffee grounds to the soil will aid in the addition of nitrogen to the soil as coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and can serve as a nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

4) COFFEE GROUNDS AS FERTILIZER: There are several ways by which used coffee grounds can benefit the plants. One of the benefits of using coffee grounds as fertilizer is the addition of organic content. Other benefits include improvement in the soil drainage, aeration, water retention as well attraction of beneficial earthworms. The disadvantage of this is that coffee grounds contain caffeine which can be toxic to the plants.

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1) EGGSHELLS DETER SNAILS & SLUGS: Crushed eggshells possess sharp edges which will prevent crawling pests from eating your plants. These eggshells are similar to diatomaceous earth. The sharp edges will help drive away pests and safeguard your plants. If however, there is a serious snail/slug issue, you may choose to use diatomaceous earth instead but this doesn’t mean that the eggshells are not capable of controlling them.

2) EGGSHELLS IN COMPOST PILES: Eggshells work perfectly well in compost piles but the problem with it is that they don’t break down rapidly. Reports and studies have shown that large chunks of eggshells have been discovered in archeological digs so there might be a need to run the eggshells through the blender before adding them to the compost.

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3) EGGSHELLS AS CALCIUM-RICH FERTILIZER: Eggshells are rich in calcium and so, their breakdown when applied to the soil as fertilizer will release calcium into the soil. However, eggshells lack nitrogen and some other nutrients which are necessary for plants’ growth.

4) EGGSHELLS AS SEED CUPS: This might not be a very good option due to the fact that seeds require enough soil to send down roots and an eggshell might not contain enough root because of its small container. The eggshells, however, can be used as a biodegradable container for the seedling by placing it in the soil and allowing the shell to decompose but there might still be a need to remove the seedling from the eggshell for its survival.

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I hope this article helps you understand how to use both eggshells and coffee grounds on your tomatoes. I would like to hear from you. So, let me know if you have any questions.