How To Use Coffee Grounds For Succulents

How To Use Coffee Grounds For Succulents

In this article, I’m going to discuss the benefits plus how to use coffee grounds for your succulents. Generally, coffee grounds don’t do well with potted plants. They are best used in the garden ground.

However, if you can compost the coffee grounds or make a tea, and then feed your potted plants with the tea or compost. Your succulents can benefit from that. Read on for detailed step by step guide.

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Coffee grounds contain about 2% nitrogen which benefits plants and is the more reason why they are added to compost piles. Nitrogen, magnesium, and potassium are important nutrients required by young plants.

Their absence or low level of them in the soil can make the leaves of your plants turn pale and the plants will be unable to grow well which is the more reason why your succulents need to be fertilized.

You can make use of a container or pot. After some period of time, your succulents will use up all the available macronutrients present in the soil and so, there is a need to add some nutrients back so as to keep them healthy. This makes coffee grounds a good option as it contains so many vital nutrients but its high level of acidity can give some limitations.

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Most plants tend to grow best in slightly acidic soil of pH between 5.8 and 7. Thus, watering of the plant gives a higher pH level than actually preferred. Instead, you can make use of coffee grounds as a fertilizer to help rebalance the pH and return it to the levels best preferred by the young plants.

Some succulent growers have good results reported from planting their succulents in mildly acidic soil. Many individuals made their opinions known about their succulents looking healthier and blooming more frequently. These are some of the benefits of fertilizing your succulents with coffee grounds while taking note of the pH levels of the soil.

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Having your coffee grounds on potted plants doesn’t work as perfectly as placing the grounds directly on the soil. As the coffee grounds break down, they end up adding nitrogen to the soil which is an essential nutrient for succulents.

Asides, this, they help in the soil aeration, improve drainage, and likewise weed suppression and pests control. However, ensure no to add unbrewed coffee grounds to the soil as their high level of caffeine can be harmful to the plants. Brewed coffee grounds contain less caffeine and so, are safer to use.


Studies have it shown that certain plants such as the Snake plant (Sansevierias), Jade plant (Crassula Ovata), and Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera) are known to thrive in the presence of coffee grounds.

I) SNAKE PLANT (SANSEVIERIA): This appears to be a popular houseplant due to low maintenance. It is very easy to care for and will thrive on a cup of cold-brewed every so often. The sansevieria trifasciata prefers slightly more acidic soil with a pH of about 4.5 – 7.0. To enhance the multicolored shaped leaves of your snake plant, give it a low-medium light and water it and water it often.

II) JADE PLANT (Crassula Ovata): This is the most common term used for the Crassula Ovata plant. They are one of the most common coffee drinkers and their watering with cold-brewed coffee will aid in keeping the full dark green appearance of the leaves and also aid in thickening the stems. This houseplant, however, is susceptible to over-watering and a popular reason for a dying jade plant so always ensure to take proper caution.

III) CHRISTMAS CACTUS (SCHLUMBERGERA): Giving this plant coffee grounds will help to promote its bloom during the festive season and serves as a way to revive a Christmas cactus if there has been some negligence.

To use coffee grounds as succulents, ensure not to overwater, use black diluted coffee only and also, know what soil you are using.

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I hope this article helps you discover the uses of coffee grounds for your succulents and also how to use them on the succulents. I would like to hear from you. So, let me know if you have any questions about using coffee grounds on succulents.