How To Grow Pole Beans On A Trellis

How To Grow Pole Beans On A Trellis

Pole beans generally are characteristically known for their climbing nature. They mainly require support. Interestingly pole beans are much preferred because it produces over a long period of time. However, there are various ways and support systems that can be used to support the growth of your pole bean. One of such which we will be considering is the trellis kind of support system.


A trellis in itself is a framework of light wooden, bamboo, or metal bars that are mainly used to support climbing plants. Trellis is of various types and is quite different for different plants, but primarily they are to support growing plants.

Many climbing plants require it and the pole beans are not an exception. Its main work is to help your pole bean plant climb vertically upward and give it the required support needed to do so. It can also be a moveable fence that can be gotten from the store or you can build yours depending on which one works best for you.


In the case where you prefer to build your own kind of trellis system to support your pole bean plant, here is a short guideline on how to go about it:

  1. Get your wooden sticks or bamboo poles together and place them on the site location where you have chosen ahead to set up the pole bean trellis.
  1. Dig a hole for each pole, about five to six inches deep.
  2. You can dig the hole in a circular shape and space them apart about 8-10 inches from each other.
  3. The next thing is to put the end of each pole into the ground and cover them firmly with the soil.
  4. Try to gently gather the top ends of the pole together and tie them together with a strong twine or rope tightly.
  5. The next thing to do is to continue tying the twine or rope across the poles so as to be able to hold them tightly in place. You can start from the top and wrap around each pole.
  6. When you get to the bottom of the pole, you can then secure the knot firmly in place.

Things to consider when setting up a trellis for growing pole beans

When setting your trellis in your garden there are a few things to consider:

1) You need to first note how tall the pole bean grows before you can determine the length of the trellis you want to set up in your garden. Pole beans can grow as tall as 10-15 feet, so this must be put into consideration when choosing your kind of trellis support system for your pole bean garden.

2) The next thing is to consider is a suitable location for your trellis. For instance, it is not advisable to place your trellis at a location where the wind can easily sway it.

3) Check also that it is not situated at a place where it can shade the other plants from getting access to sunlight.

4) Lastly, you need to keep an eye on your plants to ensure they are growing vertically upward and attaching to the trellis

5) Lastly, whether you are buying or making one for yourself ensure that the trellis is strong enough to bear the weight of the pole bean plant.

6) It must also be able to withstand extreme weather conditions like rain, wind, etc.

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1) The first thing is to put in mind that the trellis support system must have been set up before planting the pole bean seeds.

2) The pole beans should be planted at the base of your trellis about 3 inches apart.

3) You can put about three to four seeds into the soil, but they must all be around the base of the trellis.

4) These seeds may look tiny but when they begin to grow, they grow huge.

5) They can also be planted in a double row on each side of the trellis.

6) As the pole beans begin to grow and produce, you can begin to help wind the plant seedlings around the trellis, which will with time train the plant to continue growing that way as they start climbing on their own.

7) You can just continue to take care of your bean plant normally as the trellis support system does not affect or stop the growth of the plant.

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  1. It helps your garden to maximize space because the plants are trained to grow upwards.
  2. It helps to increase air flow to the plants
  3. It helps your plant pollination
  4. It helps to reduce the invasion of pests and diseases to your plants.


I hope you find this article helpful. I would like to hear from you. So, let me know if you have any questions about growing pole beans on a trellis.