Do Cucumbers Like Coffee Grounds?(Step By Step Answer)

Do Cucumbers Like Coffee Grounds?(Step By Step Answer)

This is absolutely true. Cucumbers like coffee grounds. This is because coffee grounds have a lot of benefits for cucumbers likewise other plants as the grounds are rich in nitrogen and mildly acidic. Coffee grounds also have some other uses for cucumbers which are explained below:


Coffee grounds helps in improving soil texture. This is because soil which coffee grounds have been added to form into a compacted crust almost waters impermeable.

A soil containing coffee grounds have an improved texture as well as organic content. Coffee grounds breakdown and release nitrogen and nutrients into the soil while also keeping the soil loose and aerated. Watering your garden containing coffee grounds with generally alkaline tap water will help neutralize the soil.

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Coffee grounds are slightly acidic with a pH level of 6.5 – 6.8. Cucumbers tend to have a better growth in soil with pH level of 6.0 – 7.0. This is because they prefer moderately acidic soil or perhaps, a bit more alkaline as it drains well and is substantially fertile.

The higher the pH level of the soil, the less prone the cucumbers will be to certain fungal diseases. Cucumber plants are lovers of acidic soil and an addition of coffee grounds to the soil will make the soil acidic.


An addition of coffee grounds to your garden and kitchen wastes provide a good compost pile. A compost like requires green and brown materials but these materials must be balanced.

It can be in the ratio 3:1 for brown to green compost material. A compost pile containing too many green waste materials will give an offensive odour. Microbial activity is improved on addition of coffee grounds to the compost pile.

The internal temperatures is increased which helps in eliminating many fungi as well as pathogenic bacteria. A compost pile containing coffee grounds will help in improving the soil’s structure and fertility and thus, benefit the cucumbers.

A compost containing coffee grounds will provide more nitrogen and thus, creating ideal nitrogen to carbon ratio beneficial for the growth of the cucumbers.

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Coffee grounds have a lot of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, nitrogen as well as other nutrients needed for the healthy growth of the plants. The high amount of nitrogen and magnesium will enable the cucumbers grow well. Cucumbers plants are known to grow well in rich and organic soil. The presence of coffee grounds in the soil will help the cucumber plants grow healthier and better.


Cucumbers do not like weeds and can be sensitive to too many weeds. Weeds can reduce the airflow of cucumbers especially if there are too many of them. Fresh coffee grounds can help in suppressing the weeds through mulching and this can be done around the cucumber plants. Mulching your cucumber beds will help in suppressing the weeds while also keeping the soil moist.

There other benefits of coffee grounds on cucumber plants such as using them as fertilizer, using them as pesticides and to control/suppress pests, using them to suppress diseases as well as some other benefits.


Cucumbers love coffee grounds and benefit a lot from coffee grounds. However, ensure to use it in moderation as an excess of it will lead to a lock together of the small particles thus, creating a barrier which will end up making the garden water-resistant. If you want to learn more about using coffee grounds, read our guide on how to use coffee grounds in the vegetables garden.