Do Marigolds Like Coffee Grounds? Step By Step Answer

Marigolds Like Coffee Grounds

Most flowers like coffer grounds and yes, marigold is part of those flowers. Applying coffee grounds to your marigolds makes them thrive well and thus, giving a beautiful bloom. However, ensure to apply your grounds moderately.

How to Fertilize Marigolds with Coffee Grounds

Although marigolds like coffee grounds, the grounds, however, should be applied in moderate proportions as too much of the coffee grounds can have an adverse effect on the marigold plants which can end up affecting the flowers.

You can have your grounds sprinkled at the base of your plants carefully without your grounds having contact with any part of the plant. Allow the rainwater to dissolve the grounds naturally, soaking it into the soil and preparing it for the new flowers. The activities of the worms can also help in dissolving the grounds into the soil.

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Requirements to Grow Marigold

1) Planting & Soil: In climates having mild weather, marigolds can be grown after the last frost and the soil already warmed. Despite the fact that marigolds do tolerate poor soil, the soil, however, must be well-drained and the addition of organic matter such as manure will help in giving the plants a head start. When planting your marigolds, space them 2 – 3 feet apart from one another although low-growing varieties require only 1 foot of space.

2) Light, Water & Mulch: Marigolds are lovers of the sun thus, it is essential you plant them in an area full of sun. If the marigolds are grown in rich soil, only little watering might be needed. A 2 – 3 inch deep layer of mulch produced from an organic substance such as leaves, wood chips, or grass clippings should be added. This mulch helps them retain moisture and it also acts as a natural weed-fighter, keeps the soil cool during summer, and infuses the ground with nutrients as it decomposes.

3) Slug Protection: Slugs can nibble marigolds and can end up leaving the colorful flowers in tatters if care is not taken. Adopting simple natural methods such as sprinkling your old coffee grounds around the magnolias will help keep the slugs away. This is because coffee grounds contain caffeine which deters slugs. Alternatively, you can crush eggshells into small pieces and have them scattered around marigold plants, thus, creating a barrier that helps in keeping the slugs away.

4) Proper Fertilization: Although many flowers do thrive with lots of fertilizer, for the marigolds, fertilizers should only be given in limited amounts and at the proper time. This is because too much of the fertilizers can make the marigolds produce lots of foliage at the expense of their flowers. Alternative to chemical fertilizer, you can make use of coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are natural fertilizers and are also much efficient. With the grounds, your marigolds will thrive well and thus, giving a beautiful and healthy bloom.

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Marigolds do like coffee grounds and the grounds also perform a lot of functions aiding their healthy growth and development. However, avoid using too much of it as too much of the grounds can have an adverse effect on your marigold plants.

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