How To Compost Coffee Grounds Step By Step

How To Compost Coffee Grounds Step Step

Can you compost coffee grounds? Coffee grounds serve as an excellent addition to the compost heap which can also be included in the compost.

Coffee grounds contain a high amount of nitrogen content which benefits the compost and the soil.

There are primarily two means by which coffee grounds can be utilized as compost.

Following the fact that the ratio of carbon to nitrogen when fresh out of the pot is 20:1, the coffee grounds must be given a chance to compost.

The coffee grounds can as well be saved in air-tight containers until required and the mold produced will be eliminated when exposed to the heat of a compost pile or dry air. The two methods are explained below:


This involves adding the coffee grounds as a soil amendment directly, spreading them on the ground, and using a light mulch to cover them.

This method is common in the fall and winter after harvest, so as to enable the coffee to percolate into the soil.

However, this can also be done in early spring probably two or three weeks before planting.

In a regular compost pile, coffee grounds can be added, filter, to a pile that is unturned at up to a quarter of the pile’s total volume.

Coffee grounds, due to their easily released nitrogen content, will spring up the bacterial reactions in the compost that create heat and beneficial grasses.

Thus, at a ratio of 1:4, the heap will considerably warm up and maintain a 135°F or better core and this will be maintained for a relatively long period.

With this, most of the grubs, weed seeds, and pathogens lurking in the compost will be killed.

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This method is simple, easy to do, and stress-free. This is because it is the normal way of treating your compost.

Here, the compost is turned once or a week or thereabout after which the coffee grounds are mixed with it with at least three times as much carbon material (leaves, grass, e.t.c) with each addition.

There, the planting of your seeds or plants can begin and they grow into healthy plants. There is also another method of composting coffee grounds which is called “vermicomposting.”

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Worms are lovers of coffee. Coffee is under the cocoa bean family and contains many of the same nutrients, most of which are not leaches away to the brew a person drinks.

Therefore, those nutrients are retained in the grounds and the worms love them.

In vermicomposting, ensure to include nothing less than 150% part vegetable matter to go with the grounds.

There is this belief that if you give your worms coffee grounds when you open the bin, listen attentively. There, you will hear the worms chanting your name with joy.

This might sound unbelievable but whichever you choose to believe, the most important thing to note is that worms love coffee grounds and these worms aid in the composting of coffee grounds.

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I hope you find this article helpful. I would like to hear from you. So, let me know if you have any questions about composting grounds. Also, read our guide for details on how to use and avoid too many coffee grounds in compost.