How To Save Tulip Bulbs From A Potted Plants

How To Save Tulip Bulbs From A Potted Plants

Tulips are one of the most popular bulb flowers probably because of their brilliant colors and shapes. It is easy to grow tulips in pots because pots are one place where they grow well. Bulb plants bloom first in late winter or early spring when they are planted in autumn.

However, potted bulbs bloom for up to two to three weeks. So you may be wondering what to do with tulips bulbs in potted plants after they flower.


When you plant your tulip bulbs in pots and containers you are likely to put more pressure on the flower bulbs than when you plant directly in the garden as a result, it may be unlikely for tulips grown in pots to bloom again.

This may be because most tulip bulbs are usually forced to bloom in advance for consumption indoors, and the flowers consume the food supply stored in the bulbs. Although it may take several years for the bulbs to bloom again.

It takes some steps to save tulip bulbs from potted plants. Let’s see how we can get this done.

First, as the tulip flowers die, cut off the top of the stem so that the plant does not produce seeds. Keep the soil moist but ensure that you do not accumulate water. The green leaves collect energy from sunlight, which means they must stay on the plant.

Place potted plants in a sunny area with cool temperatures. Let the leaves turn yellow and die naturally. This will allow the bulb to reserve energy for next year’s growth.

Once this is done and the leaves are now crisp to the touch, they should be removed. Pour the bulbs out of the container, you can put them on the newspaper. Wipe off the dirt on the bulb and check them.

Discard all the bulbs that smell bad, have rotten spots or feel too soft when squeezed gently, and then throw the bad bulbs into the trash can or compost pile.

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In a favorable winter climate, tulip bulbs need to be refrigerated every year to allow the bulbs to rest and grow buds. Storing tulip bulbs in a refrigerator at around 40 degrees Fahrenheit can put the bulbs in a cold dormant period. Store the bulbs for at least eight weeks.

Do not place the bulb next to the fruit, because the fruit will release ethylene gas​​. This gas will kill the developing flowers in the tulip bulbs.

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Once the weather gets cold, the best time to plant tulip bulbs is autumn. Choose a place where the soil is dry and completely exposed to the sun. Create enough space so that the tulip bulbs are about four to six inches apart. Dig a hole so that the top of the bulb is not more than eight inches deep. Plant the bulb with the tip up and fill the hole with soil.

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Tulip bulbs of potted plants do not need to be fertilized because they contain all the nutrients the plants need for one flowering season.

Also, poor drainage or not enough water can cause tulip bulbs to turn yellow quite early. So you may want to consider whether the bulbs are planted deep enough. You do not want this to affect your ability to save tulip bulbs

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