Do Sunflower Like Coffee Grounds? Step By Step Answer

Sunflower Like Coffee Grounds

The answer to this is “YES.” Sunflowers love coffee grounds as the grounds are beneficial to them in many ways.
Below I discussed the different ways sunflower benefits from coffee grounds:


Coffee grounds help to keep away insects and pests from the sunflower garden. With coffee grounds, be rest assured that your sunflowers are safe and this method is not only effective but also safe.

This is because the sunflowers do not react to the grounds and upon addition of the grounds, the sunflowers remain unaffected. For the insects, the coffee grounds repel not only mosquitoes but also other annoying insects such as wasps and bees.

Even though sunflowers are attractive to many insects and pests but with coffee grounds, these insects and pests can stay away from your garden. The strong smell of coffee grounds helps keep pests away.

All you need to do is to sprinkle them around the perimeter of your sunflower garden as a barrier against several types of pests. The strong smell also helps in keeping away cats from your sunflower garden and thus, preventing them from using your sunflower garden box as their litter box.

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Sunflowers are lovers of acidic soil and with coffee grounds, the level of the soil acidity is enhanced. Coffee grounds being highly acidic will help to increase the acidity of the soil making it more suitable for the growth of sunflowers.

With coffee grounds, the pH of the soil is brought down. To apply coffee grounds to your sunflowers, get a cup of grounds and a gallon of water. Mix together and water the sunflowers with it. This helps in distributing the grounds and acid and gets the nutrients to the roots.


Feeding your sunflowers with coffee grounds can help lower the pH of the soil, attract worms and help feed the soil which is absolutely great for sunflowers.

Coffee grounds happen to be a favorite of the worms and this will benefit the sunflowers as the worms effectively aerate compact soil thus, improving the soil structure and drainage.

After the worms feed on the coffee grounds, the worm casts concentrate the valuable nutrients and minerals, thus, increasing nutrient availability to the roots of the sunflower.

You can also add your coffee grounds to your compost heap as it decomposes faster and can add valuable fertile material to be used as mulch for your sunflowers during the growing season.

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The high level of nitrogen in coffee grounds makes it a good fertilizer for your sunflowers. Asides from nitrogen, coffee grounds also contain potassium and phosphorus which are essential nutrients and thus, making them an excellent fertilizer for your sunflower. The addition of coffee grounds to the soil will promote the healthy growth and development of your sunflowers.


Just like other plants, sunflowers like coffee grounds are beneficial to them. All you need to do is to add them in appropriate quantities. With that, your sunflowers will obtain all the benefits the coffee grounds have to offer and you will have healthy sunflowers right there in your garden.