How To Harvest Soyabeans Without A Combine

How To Harvest Soyabeans Without A Combine

Soybeans are a very good source of protein. It is a plant known to contain all the essential amino acids, like those found in meat.

The soybean is high in fibre, protein but low in saturated fat, cholesterol and lactose.
It is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants.

As the pods begin to develop and become plump, check the soybean plants every one to two days. Depending on the variety of soybeans and light conditions, the beans can begin to mature about 75 days after planting.

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Look for green pods that swell from beans. The pods at the base of the plant usually mature first. If you want to harvest the whole plant at once, check it every one or two days. Within a week, the entire plant can be harvested. Don’t wait too long, or the pods may turn yellow, indicating that they have matured.

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Pull out or cut the pods and put them in buckets, baskets or boxes. Every few days, when the pods have begun to mature, observe the soybean pods to know when it is ready for harvest. Or, if you harvest the whole plant at once, cut it off the base and take it to another location to pull out or cut off the pods.

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The color of the soybeans will become light green towards harvest, be on the lookout for bright green color on the pods, this indicates that the soybeans are ready to be harvested.

Examine the pods for any yellow dents. These dents on the pods indicate that the soybeans pods are over ripe for harvest.

This can make the soybeans more difficult to eat and it will also destroy the natural sweet taste of the flavor.

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Grasp every  pod on the stem and pull gently to remove it from the plant.

Avoid squeezing the pods to avoid damage to the beans. Pick up the base of the plant stem, gently pull it out of the soil, and immediately harvest the entire plant.

After pulling up the plant, take out the pods individually or hang the whole plant to let the pods dry.

Use a pair of garden shears to cut the base of the plant on the soil surface. Hang it to dry the pods or gently pull each pod from the stem.

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Harvested soybeans must be kept in a cool and dry place to prevent mold and insects from attacking.

An infected grain is also a disadvantage as insects randomly feed on whole soybeans.

Soybeans lose and gain moisture quickly, so it is important that storage bins are well dried to prevent moisture migration from warm areas and condensation in cool areas. You can make use of either drying fans to keep the storage area cooled.

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How do you harvest soybeans by hand?

Soybeans can be harvested manually with hand. Harvesting with hand results to a clean soybeans harvest without a combine. To harvest your soybeans with hand, just hand pick the matured pods and then place them in a container. This method of harvesting soybeans with hand is effective if you are harvesting a small space. However, it will cost more money if applied in a large soybean farm.

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What is the best time to harvest soybeans?

Soybeans are usually harvested between mid-october and November. During this time, the leaves of soybeans have turned brown and have started falling down. The matured soybeans pods are exposed.

Do you combine soybeans?

When soybeans are harvested while the stems are still green, you need to combine the soybeans to reduce loss. You can harvest with the green stems or few leaves on the soybean plant.

What is the best moisture to harvest soybeans?

Soybeans is usually harvested anytime after the bean seeds are ripe and the leaves are dry. The normal harvest moisture is between 13-15 percent for minimum soybeans field Loss and maximum weight. It will be more difficult to thresh your beans when the harvest moisture is more than 18 percent.

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Do farmers dry beans?

Yes, farmers dry soybeans. However, most farmers usually don’t dry soybeans. Soybeans that are harvested with less than 15% harvest moisture will be dried with fana, which are specifically designed for routine aeration.

How long can dry soybeans be stored?

Under normal storage conditions of soybeans, dried soybeans can be stored for over 1, 2, or 3 years.


It is easy to say when soybeans are ready for harvest. Just be sure to keep your soybeans in a cool area with shade after you have harvested your crop.