How To Harvest Watermelon Step By Step Guide

How To Harvest Watermelon Step By Step Guide

The watermelon has almost all of its ingredients composed of water, so it is ideal to keep moisture while we enjoy its sweetness.

Watermelon, like melon, is a plant that grows a lot and requires a lot of space. The ideal soil for growing watermelons is a mixture of sand and clay. If it is too sticky or too heavy, the plant will not develop properly. It is recommended to add a large amount of solidified fertilizer to the soil before planting.

Irrigation is essential for the development of plants and their fruits. We will keep the soil slightly moist, so under these conditions, we have to water every day, even twice when heated. When the watermelon begins to develop, you must reduce watering.

Watermelon has male and female flowers, which are usually pollinated by insects. If we want to ensure success, we can also turn to artificial pollination. Mature fruits will appear about 40 days after pollination. It is recommended to observe the first signs of drying out of the tendrils closest to the fruit.

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The best time to plant is after the frost season. To plant watermelon seeds, just dig three or four holes 1 inch deep in the soil and place a seed in each hole.

Watermelon thrives best in well-drained soil rich in organic matter. The distance between crops should be considered when planting, and it must be carried out in a row of 1.5m.

It is also essential to keep a distance of 1.5m between one plant and another.

Before planting, it is recommended to add compost to the soil and remove weeds.

When growing watermelons, pay attention to flowering, because when the plants are flowering, if they are found to be dry, they must be watered every 3 days. As soon as the watermelon begins to grow flowers, it indicates that from this moment on, they need less water.

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The watermelon should be harvested when it is ripe.

Watermelons are usually harvested 65-90 days after sowing or 30-50 days after flowering.

A good sign that they are ready to harvest is when you scratch the skin with your nails. If it separates right away, it’s time to harvest your fruit.

The base spot, that is, the part in contact with the ground, changes from white to cream.

The pedicel which is the stem that connects the mother plant will be dry.

The watermelon will be ready for harvest 65 to 90 days after planting, depending on the variety.

When the watermelon is ready to be harvested, the tendrils of the vine begin to turn yellow and die.
If the tendrils are green, it means the watermelon is still immature.

The ripe watermelon makes a dull hollow sound when it is tapped.

The fruit will also turn from white to yellow on the soil side, whit is ready to be harvested.

The ripe melon usually has a sweet aroma at the end of the stem.

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In harvesting the watermelon, all you need to do is to use a sharp knife or garden trimmer to cut the watermelon from the vine. It is that easy.

Frequently asked questions about harvesting watermelon

Below are answers to your frequently asked questions about harvesting watermelon:

How do you know when to pick a watermelon from garden?

Watermelon is ready for picking when the underside of the watermelon turns from a greenish white to buttery cream or yellow. This color modification is more noticeable when the varieties grown are dark green skinned variety.

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How many years does it take to grow a watermelon?

Watermelon is usually grown as annual crop. It does not take watermelon years to grow from planting to harvest. Under normal conditions, watermelon needs about 65-90 days to reach maturity.

How many watermelons do you get from one plant?

Watermelons are vines. The vines of watermelon produce male and female flowers. Both male and female vines flowers are required for fruits production. Under normal conditions, healthy growing watermelon vines can produce 2 to 4 fruits per Watermelon plant.


Harvesting watermelon is not difficult. Also note that if you do not follow the steps in knowing when to harvest your watermelon, you may end up having unripe fruits and watermelons do not become ripe after they have been harvested.

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