How To Harvest Sweet Potatoes Step By Step Guide

How To Harvest Sweet Potatoes Step By Step Guide

Sweet potato, also known as sweet potato, not only contains a variety of nutrients but also has medicinal value.

Most sweet potatoes are orange, but other sweet potatoes are purple, yellow, white, pink, and red.

The harvest time of sweet potatoes depends mostly on the seasonal crop.

If the growing season is good and there is enough water and sunlight, the harvest of sweet potatoes should start about 100-110 days after planting, depending on the variety.

It is usually advisable to pay attention to the first signs of yellowing of the leaves.

Usually, this happens at the end of September or early October before the first frost

How to harvest sweet potatoes is as important as harvest time. Harvesting sweet potatoes require extra care because the skin of sweet potatoes is delicate and easy to crack or scratch.

Let’s talk briefly about planting the sweet potatoes

Planting the sweet potatoes

1. Make sure to wet the soil with plenty of water, but avoid waterlogging.

2. Damp the soil before planting sweet potatoes to improve the quality of the substrate.

3. Make sure the place where you put your sweet potatoes is well lit and the room temperature is high.

4. Till the soil about 30 cm so that it is as loose and light as possible.
Add a layer of compost to help make the soil nutritious for your sweet potatoes.

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5. Bury each cutting in holes that are deep enough for the roots to enter, taking care not to leave the stem where the leaves begin. Approximately 1.5 cm above the base.

6. If you plant more than one cutting, leave a separation of between 30 and 50 cm between one and the other.

7. Check the soil every day and water to keep the soil moist. Do not overdo the risks. Remember that soil with too much water will rot the plants.

8. Requires a relative humidity between 80 and 85%.

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9. It requires moist soils, especially when planting the shoots, to promote their rooting.

However, excessive humidity can cause production and quality losses, so a well-drained substrate is recommended.

Essentially, one or two irrigations a month is enough, ensuring that the layers of the soil remain moist, although if the climate is very dry and the heat is intense, the number of irrigations can be increased.

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How to harvest the sweet potato

The sweet potato can be harvested in 100 days, if the growing season is good and there is enough water and sunlight, depending on the variety.

The best way to know your sweet potatoes mature for harvest is to pay attention to the first signs of yellowing of the leaves.

It takes about four months for sweet potatoes to be harvested.

Make sure your garden fork is far enough away from the plant to avoid touching the young roots.

Once the potatoes are big enough, you can start digging the potatoes.

Harvest when the leaves and ends of the vine begin to turn yellow or about 100 days after planting.

Loosen the soil around each plant (about 18 inches, 4 to 6 inches deep) to avoid damage to the tubers.

Pull up the main crown of the plant and dig out the tubers by hand.

Handle sweet potatoes carefully, as they can easily scratch.

Shake off excess dirt; do not wash the roots.

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What to do after harvesting sweet potatoes

When we talk about how to harvest sweet potatoes, it is important to note that it is more than just knowing when to dig. Sweet potatoes must be cured after harvest and before being stored.

After digging, let the roots dry for two to three hours.

Do not leave them outside overnight, as lower temperatures and humidity will damage them.

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Once the surface is dry, move them to a warm, dry and well-ventilated place for 10-14 days.

This will not only make the skin harder but also increase the sugar content. After a few days, you will notice that the colour becomes a stronger orange.

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After the potatoes are fully marinated, carefully put them in boxes or baskets and store them in a cool, dry, dark place for the winter. Sweet potatoes can be stored for six to ten months if cured properly.

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Knowing how to harvest sweet potatoes correctly can increase your storage yield and enjoy the fun of harvesting throughout the winter.