The 4 Best Potting Benches for Greenhouses

The 4 Best Potting Benches for Greenhouses

If you are passionate about potting plants, you will see the benefits of using potting benches. A potting bench is an outdoor garden work bench crafted to give you a designated and elevated area for your planting and gardening tasks, including watering, weeding, fertilizing, and repotting.

A greenhouse potting bench is mostly constructed with galvanized steel and has a strong weight capacity.

A potting bench in your greenhouse provides gardeners with an organized space where they can grow your seeds and re-pot your nurtured plants.

In this article, I reviewed and listed the best potting bench for greenhouses that can suit your gardening duties.

Best Potting Benches For Green Houses

In a rush? Our top picks:

  1. Eleven Outdoor Potting Bench
  2. Bamworld Tall Potting Bench

1) Eleven Outdoor Potting Bench

The 4 Best Potting Benches for GreenhousesThe 4 Best Potting Benches for Greenhouses

It has a dimension of 30.314.635 inches, can hold up to 100kg, and it’s made of 100% fir wood. Typically, this potting bench is sturdy and durably made. It is also weather-resistant and well-fitted. 

It has a galvanized metal table top which provides a working space and makes it easy to clean.  For easy access to your frequently used gardening tool, this product has an upper storage drawer and 2 tiers of open shelves.

It is accompanied by a lockable cabinet that allows you to store seeds, fertilizers and other important gardening supplies.

The Eleven Potting Bench has a strong metal hook for hanging your gardening tools. It also comes with two wheels which aid easy mobility.


  1. It is weatherproof.
  2. It is easy to assemble.
  3. It’s material is durable and it can be cleaned easily.
  4. It is sturdy.


  1. It has a slightly complicated design.

2) Bamworld Tall Potting Bench

The 4 Best Potting Benches for GreenhousesThe 4 Best Potting Benches for Greenhouses

It has 100% natural solid wood (shelves are 100% wood). It is carbonized at a high temperature making this product chemical-resistant to paints or varnishes.

This potting bench is eco-friendly and suitable for major gardeners of today. It is accompanied by a durable structure especially the rectangular structure and the triangular joint which makes the shelf more stable and less prone to wobbling.


  1. It is durable.
  2. It is lightweight and sturdy.
  3. It is easy to assemble.


  1. It has a high level of carbonization.

3) Eagle Peak Double 4-Tier Greenhouse Potting Bench

The 4 Best Potting Benches for GreenhousesThe 4 Best Potting Benches for Greenhouses

It is made of quality powder-coated steel tube and wire mesh which is strong enough to hold your potted plants, seed trays, and gardening supplies.

The double 4 tiers outdoor shelving design gives space for the gardeners to organize their plants.

It is centralized for watering and fertilization. Each rack can support 221 lbs which makes it easy to move your potted plants.

You don’t need any tool to assemble it because it can be set up in minutes. The dimension of the shelves is 351242 inches.

One unique feature of this potting bench for greenhouses is that it offers a 1-year limited after-sale protection from the exact day of purchase.


  1. It is easy to assemble.
  2. It is lightweight and sturdy.
  3. It is stable and portable.


  • It is centralized for watering and fertilization.

4) Sunnydaze Meranti Work Station Potting Bench

The 4 Best Potting Benches for GreenhousesThe 4 Best Potting Benches for Greenhouses

It has an overall dimension of 34 inches long (73 with handle), 18” wide, 9 inches deep, and 40 lbs weight.

It has a large capacity of 400 lbs. The potting bench measures 35.5W* 17.75” D*42.75” and hand weighs 38 lbs. The unique potting bench is crafted of meranti wood. The removable sides allow the wagon to be changed into a flatbed for storage options.

It is made of durable steel metal mesh material and a powdered-coated vibrant color which makes it sturdy and weather-resistant. A ½” and ¾” wrench and socket wrench are needed for assembly.

The paddled handle slows the cart to easily be pulled by the hand. The potting bench is used for indoor and outdoor gardening activities.


  1. It is ideal for gardening.
  2. It has a durable design.
  3. It comes with worry-free purchasing.


  1. A ½” and ¾” wrench and socket wrench are needed for assembly.

Buying Guide

Before revealing the best potting bench for greenhouses, it is important to note some of the important guidelines.

The Materials

Most potting benches for greenhouses are made up of wood, recycled plastic, metal, or vinyl material.

Wood material: Potting benches made of wood are sturdy and deliver a flat surface. You can purchase wood potting benches made of acacia, spruce, mahogany, and eucalyptus.

Metal material: Metal potting benches like galvanized steel or iron are sturdy and can be placed outdoors or indoors. They have the longest lifespan and are weather-resistant.

Recycled plastic materials: are maintenance-free and durable. They are the highest potting bench, which makes it easy to be carried around the yard to perform your daily tasks.

The Features

The more features your potting bench has, the more comfortable it will be. For example, a wheel in your potting bench is portable, while hooks can be used to store your tools once they are not in use.

You can also decide to purchase a garden table with a removable sink, which you can use to hold extra soil.

The Storage

Most potting benches for the greenhouses are crafted with only one shelf, which is why I earlier said you can add a wheel to your potting bench, especially to keep your gardening equipment like sinks and other handy equipment.

One shelf might be enough for some types of equipment. But for those looking for advanced options, you can get multiple shelves and built-in hooks.


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The Assembling

Before purchasing any potting bench for your greenhouse, it is important to consider the assembly options.

Some products come with the tools needed for assembling them; others come with manuals and instructions on how to assemble them; and some do not need any tools or guides to assemble.

Hence, it is convenient for you to select the one that satisfies your needs. Avoid purchasing products that are difficult and inconvenient to assemble.

How wide should greenhouse benches be?

Most seedling heat mats are approximately under 2 feet wide, crafted to fit common 10×20 trays used for accommodating containers of seedlings.

Should a greenhouse potting bench be in the sun or shade?

To give your plants and seedlings the best chance to grow, you should set your greenhouse potting bench up somewhere that gets lots of sunlight but away from harsh weather conditions.

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A potting bench for the greenhouse is a good option to consider. You can also use your potting bench to hold pots, trays, compost, and gardening tools.

In a greenhouse where the potting bench is important, you can add a shelf to the top of your potting bench.

I have been able to reveal the best potting benches for greenhouses. Kindly select the one that suits your gardening needs.

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