The 4 Best Seed Sprouting Trays

The 4 Best Seed Sprouting Trays

A sprouting tray is easy for sprouting seeds at home to grow longer leaves. You may regularly get healthier plants for less money by starting your crops from seed.

A seed tray is a good idea if you want to plant seeds in large quantities because it will enhance germination.

A container for sequentially planting many seeds is called a seed tray. In the seed tray, seedlings develop after germination till they are big enough to be transplanted.

All medium-based microgreens, including grass, are grown vertically on trays and sprouts.

In this article, I listed the best seed sprouting trays you can use for your gardening activities.

Best Seed Sprouting Tray

In a rush? Our top picks:

  1. Xm Sound Garden Seed Sprouting Tray
  2. MAOPINER Grower & Storage Seed Sprouter Tray

1) Xm Sound Garden Seed Sprouting Tray

The 4 Best Seed Sprouting TraysThe 4 Best Seed Sprouting Trays

It is made of polypropylene and plastic. This is a solid food-grade plastic material that possesses free, safe, odorless features that are durable to use. It weighs 2.5 pounds.

This unique sprouting tray can sprout different types of seeds such as; beans, mung, peas, Perilla, Chinese cabbage, wheatgrass seed, and a few others. It has an inner tray mesh that provides unique breathability and aids healthy seed germination.

Avoid putting a large number of seeds on the plate to reduce overlap.


  1. It is manufactured with solid food-grade plastic material.
  2. It is durable and odorless.
  3. It is excellent breathability.


  1. It can only sprout small seeds.

2) MAOPINER Grower & Storage Seed Sprouter Tray

The 4 Best Seed Sprouting TraysThe 4 Best Seed Sprouting Trays

The MAOPINER seed sprouting trays were produced from BPA-free PP material. It sprouts without chemical additives and soil. It has a concave-convex design, which makes it convenient to remove the inner mesh tray.

The objective of the inner mesh tray is to provide excellent breathability. It densely has a small hole that takes root easily and has a significant budding rate. This product is beginner’s friendly and easy to use.

It is accompanied by a germination paper. When sprouting, avoid putting lots of seeds on the plate to avoid overlap. It has a wide application of sprouting multiple types of seeds such as; radish, alfalfa, peanut, green pea, okra, buckwheat, soybean, and broccoli.

It is a very easy option for growing micro-green vegetables. It also comes with a grid design which aids good ventilation against root rot. It also has small holes which take root easily.


  1. It is produced from BPA Free PP Material.
  2. It has a concave-convex design.
  3. It has excellent breathability.


  1. It overlaps once you put an excess seed in the tray.

3) LeJoy Soil-Free Seed Sprouter Tray

The 4 Best Seed Sprouting TraysThe 4 Best Seed Sprouting Trays

This seed sprouting tray has heat and moisture preservation with a high budding rate. It is made from BPA Free PP material which is tested by the authorities. It includes sprouting without soil or other additives.

It performs multiple functions of both seed sprouter and storage tray. It also sprouts multiple types of seeds like; black bean, wheat, mung bean, soya bean, and a few others.

It comes with a tray lid which provides a healthy environment with the required temperature and good humidity content. Because of these features, you will discover a higher budding rate which makes you sprout seeds even in winter.


  1. It has an indentation design.
  2. It has good ventilation, which prevents roots from rotting.
  3. It is made of BPA and PP quality material.
  4. It sprouts multiple types of seed.


  1. The depth of the tray is significantly low.

4) Homend With Lid Seed Sprouter Tray

The 4 Best Seed Sprouting TraysThe 4 Best Seed Sprouting Trays

This seed sprouting tray is made from BPP Free PP Material. Sprouting is done without chemical additives. This product contains 4-pack trays with covers. It has a high budding rate and moisture preservation.

This seed tray can sprout many types of small seeds such as radish, vanilla, grass seed, mung, and Chinese cabbage.

You must go over your seeds to carefully make selections and eliminate poor seeds. Always clean your tray when necessary and soak your seed for 6-12 hours.

Once the soaking process is completed, place the planting plate over the water-containing plate. You might notice that your holes are too big; all you have to do is to put a chemical-free germinating paper towel so the seed won’t pass through.


  1. It is made of sturdy and suitable material.
  2. It has a high budding rate.
  3. It is accompanied by 4 packs of tray covers.


  1. Sometimes, it comes with large holes.

Buying Guide

Before purchasing a seed sprouting tray, you need to consider the following factors:

The Volume

Before purchasing the desired seed sprouting tray, make sure it has a high volume system to nurture and grow gardens worth of seedlings in a compact space.

It must be able to accommodate different types of seeds without having to compete for space, air, and water.


The seed sprouting tray must be able to deliver water to the seedlings in the required quantity. It would be best if you avoided over-watering and under-watering.

Avoid using the watering can or garden hose; you can make use of your hand to avoid over-watering the seeds. They are young plants and need to be nurtured healthily.

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The Depth

Another important guideline to consider before purchasing your seed sprouting tray is to make sure that the depth of your tray is at least 2.6 inches.

This depth is good for growing seeds both in water and soil. This also helps to elevate the flourishing and growth of the seed.

The Small Hole

This is one important buying guideline that gardeners or farmers must consider before buying any seed sprouting tray.

The small holes, which are majorly at the bottom of the seed sprouting tray, help the sprout take root easily.

The presence of small holes around the seed sprouting tray is essential for ventilation and prevents the root from rotting.

The Material

The seed sprouting tray must be manufactured with BPA Free PP Material which has been legally tested and trusted by the authorities.

The reason why I said it must be legally tested is because of the need for harvesting healthy salads and vegetables on your tray.

Can I Cover My Seed Sprouting Tray With Cling Film?

Yes, you can cover it with a layer of cling film and a plastic propagator top to retain heat and moisture.

Should My Seed Sprouting Tray Be Covered?

To manage an even temperature and keep the soil moist, you will need to cover the soil with a piece of plastic. It is advisable to get a bespoke propagator because it comes with a transparent plastic lid.


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The seed sprouting tray is mostly made of foldable plastic with holes throughout the tray.

These holes should be filled with a medium like soil, sand, or cocopeat. But this depends on the type of plants you cultivate and the method of growing them.

I hope this product review on the best seed sprouting tray and the buying guidelines was able to help you. Let me know if you have any questions.