4 Best Composting Toilets For Off-grid

4 Best Composting Toilets For Off-grid

In today’s world, most individuals are concerned about lowering their environmental footprint and living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Having an installed composting toilet could be a good starting point towards green products if you are a nature-conscious person who cares about mother earth crops and cultivation.

The finest composting toilets, unlike conventional flushing toilets, do not rely on any drainage system or water for sewage disposal, and the safest water – based toilets use little to no electricity.

In this article, we will look at the best composting toilets for off-grid living to help you make the best decision.

Check out the options below and select the composting toilet that best meets your needs.

Best Composting Toilet For Off-grid

1) Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle

4 Best Composting Toilets For Off-grid4 Best Composting Toilets For Off-grid

The Nature’s Head standard composting toilet is really the top regarded composting toilet that has improved waterless unit design features.

This cost-effective and aesthetically attractive toilet has a resource and self-sufficient structure that does not necessitates a connection to a storage container or pump-outs. It’s made of tough granite-colored sturdy plastic that’s also easier to maintain.


  1. Outstanding customer service
  2. Odorless operation
  3. Simple installation and zero maintenance
  4. Simple waste disposal
  5. Large capacity for frequent use by two people
  6. Includes an exhaust fan and a vent hose.


  1. Some customers have issues with the side latches.
  2. Replace the ventilation fan with a more powerful fan if necessary.
  3. The peat clover and sawdust required for decomposing must be purchased separately.

2) Camco Portable Travel Toilet-Designed for Camping

4 Best Composting Toilets For Off-grid4 Best Composting Toilets For Off-grid

The Camco Portable is among the most standard and reasonably priced and best composting toilets for off-grid use because the flush tank is connected to the waste storage tank by firm latches, making the entire unit simple and easy to transport.

Despite the fact that both solid and liquid wastes are collected in the same storage tank, this tank is securely sealed off by a water resistant and odor-proof moving gate valve. As a result, you won’t have to worry about any stinky spills.

It uses only 2.5 gallons of water for each flush to prevent waste from the bowl, which is nearly half of what basic standard flushing toilets need. The seat is simple to clean and is very soothing and comfortable.


  1. Handles are included in the design to make it easier to transport the toilet
  2. Top level composting toilet at a good price
  3. Lightweight and simple to transport
  4. Made of long-lasting plastic that is quite easy to clean
  5. The movable gate valve protects the toilet from smells and spills.
    6.The waste tank is more easy to set and very simple to empty.


  1. Liquid and solid waste are stored in the same location. After some uses, the holding tank may begin to smell.
  2. To avoid scent build-up, it must be disinfected on a regular basis.
  3. Because there are no plastic liners in the storage tank, you must bleach it to maintain the cleanliness.

3) Porta Potti 92306 White Thetford Corp

4 Best Composting Toilets For Off-grid4 Best Composting Toilets For Off-grid

Because of its extended bowl, which provides a homely experience when doing your faeces activities on an RV, outdoor activities, or living off-grid, this compact toilet does have great composting toilet feedbacks that makes it recommendable.

This effectively off grid composting toilet has a battery-powered flush. The toilet tank can retain up to 4 gallons of safe water, while the disposal tank has a full capability of 5.5 gallons and should be emptied on a daily basis.

This is the effectively composting toilet, complete with a flush, toilet-paper holder, water-level check, comfy seat, cistern, and lid.

Because it is covered with a seal valve, the bottom half of the toilet is both odor and leak-proof.


  1. Seat shields are supplied.
  2. To safeguard the toilet to the ground, an additional hold-down kit is available.
  3. The “add water” function eliminates toilet streaks.
  4. Has a comfortable grip for carrying the toilet.
  5. Simple to clean.
  6. Built-in toilet paper holder
  7. Tank level indicator


  1. Since there are no metal and plastic lining bags, smells may clog the plastic.
  2. The flush is battery powered, which may wear out easily. Also, the flush can not operate alone without batteries.
  3. The regular water inlet might sometimes drip and overspill the bowl.

4) Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC

4 Best Composting Toilets For Off-grid4 Best Composting Toilets For Off-grid

The Separett Villa composting toilet design seems to be the most developed waterless and urine-diverting toilet on the market, and it has earned a spot on the list of the best composting toilet system.

This toilet has a separate fan that could really vent up to 20 feet and comes with adapters for both AC and DC power.

Rather than the completely seperate urine collector found in top composting toilets, this toilet has an urinary hose which sends the sewage water to the potable system, and the waste material is stored separately in a moveable compost bucket that has its own plastic cover.


  1. Upper edge composting toilet with strong one-piece construction
  2. No assembly required
  3. 10 bin liner carrier bags are included
  4. The package contains every useful things needed for the installation
  5. A child seat is available as an optional extra.


  1. Plumbing is required to install the urine hose pipe and vent.
  2. More difficult to install
  3. Comes with only one bio-tablet for cleaning.

Best Composting Toilet For Off-grid: Buyer’s Guide

There are varieties of composting toilet made of different materials and of different standards. To get the right one, you need to consider the following features to ensure it would serve the purpose.

Capacity Of The Tank

Before you start searching at composting toilet recommendations to purchase a composting toilet, you must first determine how many people would be using the toilet.

The capacity of the toilet that is appropriate for an individual will be determined by its usage.

Many top-rated composting toilet producers classify capacity based on family size and the use.

Availability of Space

The best composting toilets available today are portable in design, but they still require more space than regular toilets due to the inclusion of a storage container.

If you have small spaces, choose the finest composting toilet with a front agitator grip.

Utility Configuration

The utility factor also plays a role in choosing the best recommended composting toilet.

Many composting toilets flush with a small amount of water, whereas most of the ideal waterless toilets rely on electricity to charge the advanced fan for carbonation.

If you choose a self-composting toilet seat, ensure that the composting product it uses is widely accessible.

Controlling Odors

Top level composting toilets are very effective at controlling the odor of the gases that accumulate in the holding unit.

Evaluate the composting toilet features to ensure that your preferred toilet performs well in terms of odor management.

Choose the best composting toilets that include an in-built fan to provide sufficient oxygen to the tank as well as to discharge out the gases.

Guidelines for Installation

Composting toilets necessitate special approval from the authorities in some areas. You can still get the guidelines from your local sewage official, as well as a list of authorised composting toilets.

While detachable toilets are relatively simple to set up, top composting toilets need more space than regular flushing toilets.

Material for Construction

Even though most toilets are manufactured of ceramic, the majority of composting toilets have been made of high-gloss polyethylene or ABS plastic, verify the weight limit capacity which the plastic body can sustain when choosing the best off grid composting toilet.


It’s necessary to consider the price of this product before purchasing it. If you’re looking for a low-cost toilet, there are many options available in detachable toilets which you can use while camping or in your RV.

Self-composting toilets are considerably more expensive. Those with double chambers for totally seperate solid and liquid waste collection as well as an exhaust fans are less expensive than those with lasting installation or a split method.


Utilizing right waterless toilet saves water and lowers your water bills. You are reusing your waste and obtaining free manure for your garden area.

You also improve the environment by using composting toilets, which reduce sewage discharge into waterways.

Furthermore, choosing the best off grid composting toilet provides you with freedom from the sewage system management and expenses.

This article should be of assistance to you. You can make your choice based on our recommendations. Also, check out the best small composting toilets for Van.