3 Best Potting Benches For Outside

3 Best Potting Benches For Outside

Gardening season is a stressful time for some gardeners, especially when their flower beds and patio plants are not looking good and healthy enough.

You discover that you are beginning to develop backaches, and your garden workspace is a complete mess, with your gardening tools, equipment, and pots lying all around.

An outside potting bench will help you in your gardening duties and will act as an efficient, effective, and convenient station while you are in your garden.

In this article, I reviewed the best potting benches for the outside, including the range of options good enough to double as an accent piece in your porch decor, durability, and evaluating the ease of assembly and value.

Best Potting Bench For Outside

In a rush? Our top Pick:

  1. Tom Care Foldable Garden Potting Bench
  2. Morinome Outdoor Potting Bench

1) Tom Care Foldable Garden Potting Bench

3 Best Potting Benches For Outside3 Best Potting Benches For Outside

This potting bench is accompanied by gardening equipment. It is ideal when it comes to weeding or planting, and it is more versatile to use than the hefty potting bench.

This potting bench is very easy to clean, and you don’t need to use all your energy to keep it sparkling. It also comes with an extra-large tool pouch, which makes it easy to keep the potting bench clean.

The small folding potting bench is sturdy and can withstand 330 lbs in weight, so you don’t need to worry about breakdown when using the product. Once you are done, you can fold it using the spinning mechanism.

You don’t need to be worried about the longevity of the product. But once you are experiencing corrosion in the product, all you have to do is apply the oil, and it will return to normal.


  1. It has a fold-up potting bench design.
  2. 1-year limited warranty.
  3. Portable and lightweight.


  1. The spring mechanism may rust.
  2. The kneeler mode can be too low.

2) Morinome Outdoor Potting Bench

3 Best Potting Benches For Outside3 Best Potting Benches For Outside

This wooden potting bench is made of solid fir wood with an original wood gardening style. It has a smooth tabletop covered with a transparent waterproof PVC pad with side rails for placing, working, and producing. It has good wind resistance and strong rot resistance.

The drawer under the potting table and shelves at the bottom provide storage to keep your seed, soil, or other gardening supplies.

The potting bench is also accompanied by a set of hooks that are attached to the gardening tools, making it easy to reach your tools when in use.

You can also use this potting bench to display plants, crafts, and photos, and as grill storage for porches, decks, and balconies. You can paint your potting bench in your favorite style for a personal touch.


  1. Equipped with four wheels, two with brakes, for easy mobility.
  2. It has a drawer and a bottom shelf.
  3. It is made of solid wood with strong rot resistance.
  4. Non-slip feet adapt to uneven floors.


  1. The painting of the potting bench might cause corrosion.

3) Sunnydaze Meranti Wood Outdoor Gardening Potting Bench

3 Best Potting Benches For Outside3 Best Potting Benches For Outside

It has convenient storage where you can store your plant on the deck or porch. It weighs 38 lbs which is 110 pounds in weight.

This unique potting bench is crafted of Meranti wood with a teak oil finish. It is a great option for nurturing plants and seedlings in outdoor planters.

It has a handy shelf above and below the table, which makes it easy to keep clean and to gain easy access to your gardening tools. It has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, and it can also be used for a porch, greenhouse, patio, and balcony.


  1. It has ample space to prepare seedlings.
  2. It is made of Meranti wood with a teak oil finish.
  3. It has convenient storage.


  1. Its structure is a bit complicated.

Buying Guide

I will be listing out the buying guides for the things that should be considered before purchasing a potting bench of your choice.

So even if you are purchasing on a tight budget, there is a perfect potting bench in this article for you.

Kindly consider the following factors before purchasing a potting bench for outside.

The Surface Area

We must understand that a standard potting bench serves multiple purposes, but the common and primary purpose is the provision of a place for soil mixes. That is, the pots you will be filling and the plants you will use.

You will need a large, flat working surface to accommodate some material and a dry sink for holding soil. Practically, if you are working with a seed tray or pots, you will need to purchase a bed with expandable surfaces.

The Material

Since we all know that potting benches are placed outside, the material used to manufacture them is important.

Many products are made of weather-resistant woods like acacia, fir, eucalyptus, spruce, and mahogany.

You will also find some units constructed out of water-resistant vinyl, galvanized steel, resin, and iron, the latter of which offers the longest lifespan and best weather resistance.

But if you purchase a lightweight potting bench, it can be moved indoors during stormy weather.

The Storage

Apart from the work surface, the majority of the potting benches are designed and crafted with at least one additional shelf. This will be enough space for some gardeners, but for those who need extra storage space.

You will need to look for multiple shelves and built-in hooks that feature drawers, a sink, and other handy features for storing gardening materials that are within our reach.

The Features

The more features your potting bench possesses, the more comfortable and convenient it will be for you.

For a comfortable experience, you can purchase a potting bench that has wheels because it will be portable when you are performing some task around your garden or yard.

In addition, you can purchase a garden table crafted with a built-in, removable sink, which is essential for holding extra soil while potting.

How high should a potting bench be?

Based on the design of the potting bench, its height should be 3 feet or more.

What makes a good potting bench?

A good potting bench must be manufactured from durable, weather-resistant, solid, and stable materials to hold a variety of plants, pots, and tools.

Can you keep a potting bench outside?

A potting bench can be kept outside, but you must ensure that there is enough air circulation on the work surface.


To have a good gardening experience, you need to select your potting bench in a place that is easy to get to and convenient for your gardens.

Most potting benches are placed outside based on the purpose of their usage.

You will be working with soil and plants, so an outdoor location or a shed is best to avoid constant clean-up.

If you keep your potting bench on a patio or deck, you may find yourself doing a lot of cleaning.

In this article, I have revealed the best potting benches for the outside. I hope you find help and value in the details of this article.

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