Do Tomato Plants Like Eggshells? Step By Step Answer

Do Tomato Plants Like Eggshells

Eggshells do fertilize tomatoes and this has been proven scientifically. Eggshells are made up of calcium carbonate which delivers a strong nutritional boost to plants. They also provide phosphorus and potassium which are essential minerals.

Their addition to the soil help to maximize tomato harvest and also helps to increase aromatic oil production which makes the tomatoes flavourful while also reducing the likelihood of blossom end rot.

The fact that eggshells reduce the likelihood of blossom end rot makes most tomato growers make use of them. The calcium present in the eggshells helps the tomato plants in water supply regulation thus, preventing rot.

There is a reinforcement of the plant’s cell wall and an encouragement of balanced, healthy, and efficient water transfer and carbohydrate translocation. Below are some ways to feed tomato plants with coffee grounds.


This method is very common. You can fertilize your tomato plants by applying your eggshells to the compost/soil. One way by which it can be done is by cleaning and drying the eggshells after that, apply it into the compost used for your tomatoes.

Crumbled eggshells also work perfectly well in the soil but ensure to crumble the eggshells after soaking them in water. The eggshells must be clean and dry. Before sowing seeds or placing plants, add the crumbled shells.

These shells will thereafter, break down over time, supplying calcium, phosphorus, and potassium directly to the plants’ roots. This process is known to be quite slow though. Having eggshells leftovers means those leftovers can be quite useful in fertilizing your tomato plants.

Rather than throwing them out, store them in the refrigerator after cleaning and drying them or you can likewise, store them in a protected, waterproof outdoor container until they are needed.

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Plants do love eggshell tea and this method serves as another means of delivering the nutrients to your tomatoes.

This method is particularly convenient for tomato plants grown indoors and it involves rinsing the eggshells clean of any yolks, whites, e.t.c after which the shells are allowed to dry and processed by crumbling them into a heat-resistant pot or container.

The crumbled eggshells are thereafter, soaked and the shells are allowed to steep in the water until the brew reaches room temperature. This makes the eggshell tea and the tomato plants can be fed with it.

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The nutrients present in eggshells give them the ability to rehabilitate soil fertility in lands that have become infertile. The calcium carbonate present in eggshells can be broken down with vinegar to give a water-soluble acetate.

To do this, clean, crush, and dry the eggshells then proceed to mix them with vinegar. Ensure the eggshells and the vinegar are in equal proportions. After that, add a tablespoon of the solution per liter of water for foliar spraying.

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Tomatoes like eggshells and eggshell tea and eggshell-based fertilizers work well for tomatoes as well as other plants such as peppers, cucumbers, e.t.c. The calcium, phosphorus, and potassium present in eggshells are supplied to the plants, thus promoting their healthy development.