How to Use Composting Toilets Step By Step

How to Use Composting Toilet

There are two sections in a composting toilet which are the sit section and the composting section.

1) The Sit Section: This is the part of the toilet where you sit or squat on. It is similar to your regular toilet seat.

2) The Composting Section: This part is very important and it features a storage system for your solid and liquid wastes.

It contains a hole to separate the liquid from the solid waste. The ventilation system helps to ensure that there is enough air in the system which will help hasten the degradation process.

How to Use a Composting Toilet

Place a dry peat moss in your toilet before making use of it for the first time. This helps in reducing bacteria action which makes the toilet smell.

If you want to urinate, sit on the toilet. This is to prevent the composting toilet from smelling when the liquid and solid waste mix. An addition of a small quantity of water will dilute the liquid waste but it is required that you empty it often.

If you need to use the toilet for solid waste, engage the trap door lever as soon as you sit. This helps to open the trap door which leads the solid waste to storage.

Engaging the lever helps give the most comfortable position. You can make use of toilet paper but ensure that whichever toilet paper is used is that, which degrades fast.

Have the trap door closed still with the lever once you’re done cleaning yourself? However, not all composting toilets have closed trap doors since both the liquid and solid wastes end up in the same place.

A number of the composite toilet models are accompanied by a mechanism for you to stir the waste. Stirring the waste makes the solid waste and the dry peat moss mix together. The fan gives air to dry the solid waste and also prevents it from releasing odour.

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Has the liquid waste emptied every 3 – 4 days? This is to prevent it from smelling. However, you can have the solid wastes emptied after about 90 uses.

You can make use of a biodegradable bag for that since it will get to decay easily. Also, you can have the wastes emptied into a compost dump where you get to use them later in your garden.

Add a spoonful of sugar each day so as to reduce the odour released from your liquid waste. To the emptied liquid waste container, add a cup of vinegar. This will prevent it from having a bad smell.


Composting toilets are easy to establish and use. They also, do not require the services of a plumber. The separation of the solid and liquid wastes prevent it from releasing offensive odour.

Asides from all the methods explained in this article as regards the disposal of the solid and liquid wastes, you can as well, apply the compost to your soil. This helps to enrich the quality of your soil.

I hope this article helps you understand how to use composting toilets. Let me know if you have any questions. Also, learn how to empty a composting toilet here.