Can you Grow Brussel Sprouts in a 5-gallon Bucket? Now Answered

Can you Grow Brussel Sprouts in a 5-gallon Bucket? Now Answered

Yes, you can. Brussel sprouts can grow well in a 5-gallon bucket provided that they receive enough water, full sun, and fertilizer.

1) Planting Tips for growing Brussels sprouts in a 5-gallon bucket

5-gallon bucket can hold one Brussels sprouts as long as the bucket measures nothing less than 12 inches in diameter and a depth of 12 inches. A drainage hole must be drilled at the bottom for seepage of excess water.

A standard soilless potting mixture is excellent for sprouts. Before carrying out the planting, mix 2 and a half tablespoons of a 14-14-14 blend into the soil. You can also make use of any other balanced fertilizer.

This is to provide necessary nutrients for excellent production. Using the same depth at which the seedling was growing in its nursery pot, proceed to plant it in the bucket.

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2) Basic Care for Brussels sprouts in bucket

Brussel sprouts planted in buckets as well as pots, require regular watering as the soil gets to dry out quickly. Thus, ensure to check it daily and water when the top 1 inch feels dry.
Have a soluble all-purpose fertilizer mixed into the water every 2 weeks once you notice that the sprouts have started to form on the stem.

Container plants such as buckets, are protected from numerous garden pests and diseases. If aphids or mites Starr feeding on the foliage, just rinse them off with water early in the day for the foliage to get dry.

Do not water overhead so as to minimize mildew and fungal problems. Explained below are some steps/guidelines when growing your Brussel sprouts in bucket.

1) Select the Right Spot: Choose a spot having adequate sunlight with good air circulation. Also, ensure the spot is protected against excessive wind.

Brussel sprouts have thinner bases and so, are unstable. Also, ensure that they don’t receive too much heat as it can damage or stunt their growth.

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2) Pick the Right Bucket/Pot for your Brussels Sprouts: A 5-gallon bucket is okay as explained earlier. It could also be 5-7 gallons and it is required that the chosen bucket is 12 inches deep and 12-14 inches in diameter.

To grow one plant, 5-7 gallon is okay but for more than one at the same time, pick a bucket/container not less than 15-gallons with an 18-inch diameter.

In one square foot, you can grow up to two plants. Also, ensure that your bucket/container has enough drainage holes for water to run out.

3) Use the Proper Soil: Brussel sprouts love moist soil but not soggy. To grow Brussel sprouts in your container, use an organic, good quality potting mix which is light and well-draining.

Also, add more compost so as to increase the fertility and humus. Brussel sprouts are lovers of a neutral soil pH level. Thus, if your soil is too acidic, neutralize it by adding considerable amount of lime.

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sprouts can be grown in 5 – 7 gallon buckets as long as they have the appropriate depth and diameter as well as enough drainage holes.


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