How Do You Empty a Composting Toilet? Now Answered

How Do You Empty a Composting Toilet? Now Answered

Emptying a composting toilet is a process which is quite straightforward. First of all, open the top of the composting toilet. Then, remove the seat panel and bring out the waste container. Proceed by dumping the waste.

After that, ensure that the composting toilet is cleaned and then, replace the waste container. For commercial composting, have the finishing drawer emptied after 3 months.

Handling human waste can be quite disgusting. On the contrary, composting toilets utilize a technology and this technology departed a solid waste from a liquid waste. With this, emptying the composting toilet becomes easier since there are no foul odours.

1) How to Dump a Composting Toilet

The wastes of a composting toilet is dumped depending on the model of the composting toilet. When you purchase your composting toilet from the market, ensure you get information on the method(s) of its usage. There are certain guidelines which must be followed when emptying all types of toilets.

I) For sanitation and protection, ensure that you put on a dust mask. This mask helps in protecting you from bacteria present in the compost pile.

II) Ensure you always wear rubber or protective gloves. They also help in protecting the skin from bacteria. Check our review on the best gloves for men here.

III) Always use soap and water to wash your hands immediately after you empty the compost toilet. A running water is more ideal.

IV) During the process of emptying the compost toilet, get help in carrying the toilet from the house to the site at which it will be emptied. You will also require some help in moving the heavy pile and returning the bathroom. If you are burying the heap, ensure a hole is dug or a trench of about 10cm depth.

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2) How Often Should You Empty a Composting Toilet

This depends on the number of people using it. It also depends on the performance criteria as well as the usage of the restroom in your home or RV black tank.

For the commercial composting toilet, empty it after every three months. This is due to the fact that the composting chamber is usually full of human faeces around this time.

The heating element added to the composting toilet makes the urine evaporate. Thus, leaving you with a reasonably moist content for the composting process. A failure to divert the composer’s urine will make it mix with the solid waste and thus, producing a stench.

This is the more reason why heat is required in the composting chamber. The heat will help to facilitate the evaporation of urine through the vent hose.

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Emptying a composting toilet without endangering the lives of others requires utmost care and certain procedures. To empty your composting toilet, you can make use of a dumping station.

To dump urine, make use of remote areas of great places but ensure that it won’t cause a hazard to the area and the people around such area.

Avoid emptying the compost toilets near waterways or water bodies and lastly, when disposing of solid human waste, ensure you place it in a compostable bag before disposing of it.

I hope you find this article useful. I would like to hear from you. So, let me know if you have any questions about how to empty composting toilet. Also, learn how to use composting toilets.