How Do You Prepare Eggshells For Compost

How Do You Prepare Eggshells For Compost

Several people are unaware that composting eggshells can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Continue reading if you’re unsure what to do with crushed eggshells (or entire eggshells, for that matter). We’ll look at how eggshells can aid in the composting process.

Can eggshells be composted? This is a common question. Yes, you are allowed to do so.

Adding eggshells to your compost will help to add calcium to the final product. This essential vitamin aids in the formation of cell walls in plants.

Plants cannot grow as quickly without it, and some vegetables, such as tomatoes and squash, will develop blossom end rot as a result of a lack of building material (calcium) entering the plant.

This can be avoided by using eggshells in the vegetable garden compost. While crushing eggshells before composting isn’t required, it will speed up the rate at which the eggshells decompose in the compost.

You might also wish to wash your eggshells before composting them to avoid attracting animals and to reduce the little risk of disease that raw eggs provide.

How Do You Prepare Eggshells For Compost

Composting is recommended by Michigan State University Extension as a strategy to reduce organic yard and household waste while also enriching garden soil, but eggshells are often visible when the compost is finished. This is not a concern, but it may appear unattractive to some.

Allow them to dry for a few days or set them in a heated oven to speed up the drying process. Drying your shells before adding them to your compost bin allows them to crumble more fully.

Many people are concerned about tainted meals and the possibility of salmonella infection from inadequately cooked eggs these days.

If people add eggshells to their compost, this concern is carried to their compost and garden.

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Do You Need To Wash Eggshells Before Composting?

It is not necessary to wash eggshells before composting them, but it is strongly recommended. Cleaning them first accelerates the rate at which they decompose inside the composting bin. Second, they must be cleaned to avoid attracting animal pests.

Do You Have To Bake Eggshells Before Composting?

In this scenario, baking them and then simply adding them to your compost is a good option. You can skip the baking step and just add them right away, although drying them out in the sun or the oven will help them break down more quickly.

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Can You Have Too Many Eggshells In Your Compost?

You can’t have too many eggshells in your compost pile. They will quickly add calcium and potassium to your compost if you ground them down. It will take a long time for the shells to decompose if you leave them partially crushed or intact.

How Long Do Eggshells Take To Break Down In Compost?

It takes more than three years for eggshells to decompose. The exterior shell of an eggshell was found unbroken after a year underground in an eggshell decomposition research.