How do I Know When my Brussel Sprouts are ready to be Picked? Now Explained

How do I Know When my Brussel Sprouts are ready to be Picked? Now Explained

Your Brussel sprouts are ready for picking when the sprouts are 2.5cm in diameter. It is best done when maturity occurs in cooler weather. The lower sprouts mature first, followed by the upper sprouts maturing a day to a few days later.

Considering most hybrid varieties, it requires more than 85 days for the sprout to reach maturity. ‘Rubine’, an open pollinated variety, can take 105 days or more to mature. Compared to many hybrid varieties, Rubine is a bit less productive.

Brussel sprouts are ready for picking when the tiny heads are strong, green, and 1 – 2 inches in diameter. Remove sprouts by twisting them. Do this till they break away from the plant.

While removing the lower sprouts, also remove yellowing leaves; the plant continues growing upwards, giving more leaves and sprouts.

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1) How to Pick Brussels Sprouts

Check for ripe vegetables when picking Brussels sprouts from hybrid plants after 80 days. The size of the Brussel sprouts and firmness are indicators of when the vegetable is ready.

It is best to lick Brussel sprouts during cool days. Thus, plant the crop accordingly, about 3 months prior to the time you want to start picking Brussels sprouts.

Removing the plant leaves when the Brussels sprouts start forming near bottom leaves will aid in getting ready for harvesting Brussels sprouts.

Ensure to remove the leaves after harvesting Brussels sprouts if not done before harvesting Brussel sprouts. This is to prevent them from taking energy from maturing sprouts on the plant.

Breaking off the Brussels sprout causes a break off of the leaves. You can direct energy to the vegetable before picking Brussels sprouts by removing the top of the plant.

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2) When are Brussels Sprouts Ready to Pick?

Brussels sprouts are mature for picking before the sprouts’ leaves turn yellow and start opening. The sprouts are expected to be firm and about 2.5cm in diameter for optimum nutrients and flavour.

When picking your sprouts, lick from the bottom and check each day for more sprouts which are ready.

To get the most tender, and flavourful heads, know the right time to pick your Brussels sprouts likewise, having them planted at the right time and also pruning them.

Sprouts are to be picked 80 days following the first day of planting. This is best done before the leaves turn yellow and start opening.

Based on when your Brussel sprouts were planted, you can wait until there have been 1 or 2 frosty nights to sweeten them. This is referred to as cold sweetening.

Have your sprouts harvested in cooler weather. Once you notice that the sprouts are forming close to bottom leaves, have the leaves removed in readiness for harvesting.

This normally helps the sprouts become larger and healthier as the nutrients are reaching them without disturbance or barrier.

You can also have the heads removed when you are close to harvesting them. This helps to strengthen your sprouts and also make them firm.

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You get to know when your Brussel sprouts are ready for harvesting through some signs which have been explained in this article. All these will direct and help you on when to harvest your Brussel sprouts, which are ready for picking. Also, Learn about Brussel Sprouts Growing Problems.


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