Do Monstera Plants Like Coffee Grounds? Now Answered

Do Monstera Plants Like Coffee Grounds? Now Answered

This plant is scientifically been referred to as “Monstera deliciosa”; with the names ‘Monstera and ‘deliciosa meaning monstrous or abnormal and “delicious” respectively.

The description monstrous or abnormal pinpoints the possession of abnormal leaves by this plant, having natural holes. Other names for this plant are Swiss cheese plant and split-leaf philodendron.

In addition, the Montera plants are commonly cultivated as houseplants especially in temperate zones.

It can be cultivated outdoors as ornamental plant especially in the tropics and subtropics, and can also be grown indoors because of its ability to endure different conditions,

its fitness to style and structure, coupled with the fact that they require little efforts to be grown.

Moreover, coffee grounds are famous materials used as compost; even if they seems not like a direct alternative for fertilizer, you may be wondering if it will help your Monstera plant grow well.

As you read on this article, you will get adequate insight on this subject matter.

Do Monstera plants like Coffee grounds?

It might not be healthy enough to apply coffee grounds on your Monstera plants straight away, nevertheless, it will be beneficial to adequately add them to your compost set up,

and allow them to naturally decompose before you finally add them to the soil of your Monstera plants.

Doing this will ameliorate the structure of the soil, offer nutrients to your Monstera plants and help your plants thrive.

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Can Coffee grounds also be harmful to Monstera?

Much or inadequate application of coffee grounds can be dangerous to your Monstera plants.

This can beyond measure expand the rate at which your soil holds water, giving rise to many issues like rotting of the plant root.

Concurrently, the rotting scenarios can give rise to fungal growth, with your plant getting exposed to having fungal diseases.

At the course of time, the situation entices some small fly-like insects called fungus gnats, whose work is to eat the fungus in the soil.

In addition, the implication of having these fungus gnats around your plant soil is that, they can lay eggs giving rise to hatching larvae whose capacity can devour almost everything that include the main diet ‘fungi’, and at a point extending its reach to your plant roots.

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Are Coffee grounds good for Swiss cheese plant?

They are; with this been done by putting spent coffee grounds into a small cloth bag and placing it under the ground, and very close to the soil on which your Monsteras are planted.

Aftermath, water the buried spot once in a while so that nutrients can be released. Following this method means that you must ensure timely replacement of the coffee grounds.

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As you’ve gotten the insights from this article that coffee grounds can be used to cultivate Monstera plants if done or applied properly especially when been used as part of a compost set up that’s allowed to decompose naturally as deduced from this article.

Thus, adding coffee grounds to your Monstera plants can do more harm than good as deduced from this article if done or applied without proper attention or caution.


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