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How to Harvest Celery without Killing the Plant

by Idris Ya'u
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Based on the variety, you can harvest celery 85 – 120 days after transplanting. Celery is fastidious and can be quite challenging to grow. The optimal temperatures for growing celery are 18°C – 24°C and15°C – 18°C for day and night respectively. For the plants not to bolt and set seed, temperatures must stay above 55°F during tbr daytime and 40°F at night.

1) When should Celery be Harvested

Celery should be harvested as soon as the stalks are large enough for usage; about 6 inches or more from the soil line to the first leaf. To prevent killing the celery plant, cut off individual stalks.

The inner stalks are known to be very tender and actually taste the best when uncooked. Dark green stalks have the most nutrients. Whole plants should be harvested when they are 3 inches or more in diameter.

Have your whole plants harvested which are compact in the absence of open spaces at the centre of the stalk. Your celery can be harvested through the winter in mild-winter regions. The celery should be harvested before a freeze and protected from frost in cold-winter regions. To protect celery from frost, mound up soil around the plant.

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2) How to Harvest Celery

To prevent killing the plant, just cut the stalks as needed. Cutting the stalks you need will enable the plant to keep on producing new stalks. Cutting the whole plant might result in the death of the plant so it’s better to cut individual stalks if you want your celery plant to keep growing. Have your individuals stalks harvested from the outside in. Cut the individual stalks using a serrated knife.

3) How to Store Celery

I) Store your celery moist and cold. Ensure it is stored as cold as possible without it freezing with 95% relative humidity. This condition; cold and moist may be a challenge due to the fact that a refrigerator is cold but has dry air.

II) Wrap the celery using a paper towel or a moist cloth and place in a perforated plastic bag in the vegetable crisper section.

III) Celery having leaves attached to it will last in the refrigerator for a few days. Celery without leaves will be for up to 2 weeks.

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IV) Ensure your celery is stored at a moderate temperature. Celery stored at too warm or too cold temperature will only allow the quality to deteriorate and the stalks will end up turning yellow and pithy.

For longer-term storage, cut your celery into little pieces. Boil some water and blanch the pieces in the boiling water for a minute. After that, remove them and place them in an ice bath without any delay.

Once they have cooled off, drain them and allow them dry. Afterwards, place the celery in a freezer bag, seal it, and pop it in the freezer. It can be stored there for up to 1 and a half years.


To harvest celery without killing the plant, harvest few stalks at a time by using a knife to cut the stalk away and start with the largest, outermost pieces. If you are not concerned about the celery’s continuous growth, you can remove the whole plant at once.


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