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How To Plant Sprouted Ginger

by Idris Ya'u
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Sprouted Gingers are usually the best time to dig in and fill with soil. It’s almost the same as starting seeds indoors in late winter.

Sprouted Ginger is called Zingiber Officinale. It’s very beneficial to an extent it makes crops spring earlier and ensures a huge harvest.

Leaving edible gingers for a longer time can result to sprout effortlessly without any help.

Or you can place your ginger Root in a moist soil less soil and Leave until sprouts emerge in about three to four weeks.

This sort of perenial gingers you will find in a warm environment and in an outdoor space of hot temperature and humidity.

To plant a Sprouted Ginger is as easy as A.B.C., from The preparation, Planting and Harvesting.


A Planting site is very important for your plant growth. Gingers can do well both in the outside farms or in a container indoors. Or you can choose to plant your gingers outside and bring it inside during the winter.

Sprouted Gingers can do well both outside or indoors. A partial full shade location is perfect. Remove the weeds and grasses.

The soil should loosen and moisten. Use a loamy soil if planted directly to the ground with rich nutrients.

For pots, a good potting mix is better off. The pot must have a good drainage system.

Mix the ground soil with compost, manure , fertilizer or leaf molds. Organic matters makes prepares the soil for a bountiful harvest.

Ginger Rhizomes And Preparation

Cut the Sprouted Rhizomes into 1- 2 inch. Each piece must have one or two eyes that will show as a faint line around the roots.

Place the pieces softly on a surface and leave it to stay overnight. The cuts will take another shape.

Planting The Sprouted Ginger

Ginger Rhizomes should be planted 15-16 inches apart in your Planting location. Place the pieces and allow the sprout face upward. Each pieces must have a sprout.

If it’s outside Planting, dig a hole and place the pieces, spread an inch layers of compost over the plant and then fill to the topmost soil area. This ensures the ginger plants receives adequate nutrients.

Providing Nutrients For The Soil

To retain moisture, add a layer of mulch. This process wards off weed and adds nutrients to the soil.

Compost soil should be added around plants to the top most soil to Provide nutrients to the ginger plants. This can replace chemical fertilizer.

Irrigation For Your Ginger Plants

The soil must dry out slightly before watering. This is to prevent it from rot. Liquid fertilizers are always the best and should be applied two weeks after Planting. Ensure you amend once in a while with nutrients rich phosphorus organics.

Equipments For Planting

There are many of them like:

  1. Shovel
  2. Garden hose
  3. Containers
  4. Rake
  5. Water can
  6. Rototiller
  7. Organic soil or compost
  8. Wheel barrow
  9. Bucket


Note that you can always plant a full Rhizome if you don’t want to cut into pieces. The disadvantage is larger harvest and fewer plants.

You should expect your ginger plants in about 6 months time. Sprouted ones kept for sometime afterwards should be replanting.

It’s better to plant your home bought Sprouted ginger as it’s easier and a faster method. Do not leave the plants in all day sun while doing this.

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