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How To Grow Ginger In Greenhouse

by Idris Ya'u
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Ginger plant has it’s root traced to the ancient times, it is from the Zingberaceae family. Do you know that Ginger spice can be used as recipe for different types of edible delicacies?

Growing ginger in a greenhouse simply means cultivating this awesome Spicy rich herb where you can easily control the sterilization, humidity and temperature conditions of the environment.

This process is similar to growing herbs. It’s as simple as to purchase a root or Rhizome, soak it in water and plant in a well drained pot with good soil.

But, that’s not all you need to know.There’s more below:

What Are The Conditions For Starting A Green House Ginger Farming?

The condition of the greenhouse is very important when starting out with planting your ginger Rhizomes. The greenhouse must meet the necessary criteria such as:

  1. Cleanliness of the greenhouse
  2. Good irrigation source
  3. A rock covered floor or gravel made.
  4. A good potting soil
  5. Adequate sunlight provision

Why Grow Your Ginger In a Greenhouse?

Helps identify the best environmental condition for your plant
Ensures that plant grows really well without interruption from pests or diseases.

To easily manipulate the temperature, humidity, water and pests in the environment in other to produce a good food source.

How Do You Propagate For Greenhouse Ginger Farming?

The gingers usually propagated from smaller Rhizomes is known as sets.


  1. Cut about 3 to 6cm from a living Rhizome.
  2. Each piece should have at least one living bud that can produce shoots
  3. Plant them in a nursery seedbad and cover with soil.
  4. Replant at the final Location

What Is The Best Planting Time For Greenhouse Ginger Farming?

The best time to plant your ginger is usually at the end of the winter season. Gingers are heat loving so plant around March- April when it’s almost summer time.

How Do You Grow Ginger In A Greenhouse?

Here’s how to grow ginger in a Greenhouse:

Purchase a firm, plump and tight skinned Rhizome from the store. Soak it in warm water for at least 24 hours and leave it overnight. Afterwards, cut it in pieces leaving few bumps on it.

Place about 4 inches to a good pot with good draining system. Fill it with rich soil and cover up. Place the pot in a greenhouse with little or not so direct sunlight. Water and moisten the soil. Add fertilizer.

Your ginger should be ready for harvest in about 6-9 months time. Dig up your ginger. Keep few up the bulbs for replanting. New soil for replanting should be loose enough to produce ginger roots faster

What are the Advantages Of Greenhouse Ginger Planting?

The advantages of growing ginger in a Greenhouse are numerous. But, here are some:

It is very good for herbs and vegetable farming. It ensures Plants are disease and pest free. There’s the efficient utilization of chemicals and pesticides to control pests and diseases.

Production of off season plants and edibles. Plants are protected from bad weather Conditions. Crop yield is in a higher percentage

How Do You Care For Your Green House Ginger Farming?

It’s very important to care for your Ginger plant to ensure proper growth and sprout. Here’s how to:

  • Make use of a sterile good pot that can easily drain water.
  • Fertilize the soil
  • regularly moisten the soil
  • Provide partial sun Shade

How Do You Harvest Your Greenhouse Ginger Plant?

It usually takes up to 8 months generally for Ginger to mature for harvest. You will know this once you see the leaves show yellowish colors and die off.

Separate the rhizomes from the leaves. Plant the roots again for replanting. After harvesting your ginger, wash in water and sun dry later.

Generally, ginger plants grows and yields pretty well in a good place of cultivation hence the need making the choice of a Greenhouse.

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