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How To Grow Onions In A Plastic Bottle Step By Step

by Idris Ya'u
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Onions are quite easy to grow and maintain. They also have different styles of planting. You may find this strange, but onions can actually be grown in containers like plastic bottles. This method helps you to have a clean supply of fresh onions at all times.

This method of planting also works well especially for those with limited garden space. Another thing to note is that some of the materials you will need for this setup are probably things you have lying around your house. So it’s quite economical and easy to go about it.

To get started, here are few things needed:

  1. soil
  2. plastic bottle
  3. Onion sprouts
  4. Scissors

Growing onions in a plastic bottle: Method 1

1) You need to get your fresh garden onions from your garden store or previously harvested onions. Then prepare your whole onion bulb with the roots still intact. Don’t cut the onion bulb. Leave them whole like that.

2) You can also prepare your soil ahead by mixing your soil with organic materials and humus ahead.

3) The next thing is to get a plastic bottle. A 5-liter plastic bottle will do a good job. Clean the plastic bottle thoroughly and cut the neck of the bottle to allow for more space to place the onion bulbs. Then cut some holes in the bottle with your scissors alternating each hole as you cut, the size must be such that it can contain the onion bulb.

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4) Then you can start pouring your already prepared soil into the container but be careful while doing it, such that the soil does not pour out of the holes. Then you can also fit the onion bulb with the root sides into the soil layer by layer in a circular motion. You must ensure that the top of the bulb head sticks or protrudes out of the holes made in the container.

5) Water the bulbs and let the water reach the roots of the onion, also replace the top of the bottle to help keep the soil and moisture in.

6) then place the bottle at a sunny spot on your window sill where plenty of sunlight can get to it.

7) Within a couple of days you will notice that the roots have appeared to grow down into the bottle and then you will see them begin to sprout and produce new leaves. They will protrude out through the holes.

8) You can get as many harvests as you want from it.

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Growing onions in a plastic bottle: Method 2

It’s quite similar to the first method, but the major difference is that water will be replaced with the soil.

  1. Just like the first method, you need to get your clean plastic bottle and cut the neck off the bottle. Then insert the cut out part of the bottle neck back into the container. This will serve as support for the onion bulbs.
  2. Then pour clean water into the plastic bottle containers. You don’t need to fill it to the brim, so that you can leave some space for the bulb of onions to be placed in the bottle.
  3. Then cut the top end of the onion bulb off and peel off the outer layer of the onion skin.
  4. Then place your onion bulb inside the bottle container with the roots touching the water.
  5. You can set them aside in a secluded area where they can be kept safe.
  6. After about 10 to 15 days, you will notice the roots growing and leaves sprouts appearing at the top of the onion bulb which is an indication that your onion bulb is growing well.

Things to note when growing the onions

  1. You can get a sort of flat container to stay under the container to trap the water.
  2. Use a container that can contain the soil and the onion bulbs when they start sprouting to avoid the soil spilling out.
  3. Onions love warm weather and are sun-friendly. To find a suitable sunny spot where they can grow well.
  4. Ensure that the onion bulb faces the hole so that when they start sprouting they can easily grow out of the holes.
  5. Ensure you space them apart well when planting them layer by layer so that there can be enough room for each onion bulb to grow. Try not to jam-pack them when planting them into the soil.
  6. Water them regularly and make sure to water the center of the container so that the water can circulate or disperse evenly. This is very essential because plants in containers tend to dry out quickly and lose their moisture easily. So adequate attention must be given to this.
  7. Soil fertility: you can add or prepare your soil for fertility by adding fertilizers to them. This will aid the growth of the plants easily.

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Following these simple steps will keep your garden full of fresh onions constantly. I hope you find this article helpful. I would like to hear from you. So, let me know if you have any questions about growing onions in a plastic bottle. Also, learn how to grow onions at home without seeds.

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