How Long Do Potatoes Take To Grow – Now Answered

How Long Do Potatoes Take To Grow

Some potatoes take just 75 days to mature while others can take over 130 days to reach maturity. For new potatoes, they can be harvested 10 weeks after planting but based on the variety, full-sized potatoes can take between 75 – 130 days to mature. Explained below are some of the most popular potato varieties depending on their harvest time.

1) EARLY MATURING POTATO VARIETIES (Mature for harvesting in 75 – 90 days)

They are ideal for areas having warm summer and examples include:

I) Yukon Gold: These are compact plants that can be planted close together.

II) Rocket: This set of potatoes is one of the fastest-growing potato varieties.

III) Orla: This is an ideal salad potato. This type of potato is resistant to blight.

IV) Cherie: They are pink-skinned long spud and having an excellent taste.

V) Annabelle: They are oval in shape and ideal for salad or steaming.

VI) Amadine: They are rounded and ideal for all-around cooking.

VII) Sirtema: They are a good all-rounder for frying and steaming.

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2) MID SEASON VARIETIES (Mature for harvesting in around 100 days)

I) Red potatoes: They have thin skin and are ideal for soups, stews as well as roasting.

II) Charlotte: They possess a waxy texture and are ideal for eating. They are palatable for consumption whether hot or cold.

III) Kipfler: These potatoes are small and are ideal for boiling and mashing.

IV) Berndette: These potatoes are medium-sized and very clean. They are ideal for salad or steaming.

V) Mona Lisa: They are common, big potatoes used for frying, roasting, au gratin, or mashed.

VI) Rose of France: These potatoes are beautiful, long, pink-skinned which are ideal for salad and also for steaming.

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3) LATE SEASON VARIETIES (Mature for harvesting in 120 – 130 days and above)

I) Purple potatoes: These potatoes are purple-skinned and fresh. They are also high in antioxidants.

II) Russet: These potatoes are thick-skinned and have fluffy flesh.

III)Désirée: This set of potatoes have pink skin and yellow flesh. They are ideal for mashed potatoes.

IV) Caesar: They are ideal for roasting or drying and very resistant to diseases.

V) Vitelotte: This set of potatoes is purple-skinned, fleshy, tasty, and cooks well.

VI) Corner de Gatte: These potatoes are pink with a bit lumpy skin, pale yellow flesh but irresistibility tasty whether hot or cold.

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You can employ the method of chitting which is the process of allowing the potatoes to grow shoots prior to planting. This method helps potatoes grow faster. To chit your seed potatoes, place them in a well-lit spot.

This should be for a couple of weeks. Remove the shoots and leave the two strongest ones before planting. This helps to give your potatoes a head-start and you get to harvest your varieties. Learn how to harvest sweet potatoes.


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