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How Many Onions Grow From One Bulb – Now Answered

by Idris Ya'u
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Wondering how many onions grow from one one Onion bulb? The real fact there is “One onion grows from a single onion bulb“. Onions cannot be compared with potatoes but the onion sets produce larger onions. These onion sets are the smaller onion seeds.

I) What are onion sets?

These are seeds that have already been grown for a year for them to reach maturity. Growing onions from seeds take a long time and take nothing less than 5 months. Learn how to grow onions without seeds.

For many areas in the world with the growing season not that long, growing onions from seeds can be very challenging. These onion sets, also regarded as small onions have been pre-grown and are ready to grow on to reach maturity within a shorter time frame most likely, 3 months.

For a growing season with 5 months or less, your onions should be grown from sets. These sets are not expensive and are readily available from most seed stockists.

II) Onion seeds vs onion sets

So far your growing season is 5 – 6 months of hot weather, you can grow your onion seeds. In the UK, the growing season is shorter and so sets should be used while in the southern US, it is advisable to grow from seeds.

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III) How many onions grow from one seed?

Only one onion grows from one onion seed. Under normal conditions, an onion seed produces only one onion.

IV) How long do onions take to grow from bulbs?

Growing onions from bulbs can take 3 – 4 months. You must, however, know when to harvest your onion so they don’t bolt and turn to seed. Onion sets are not expensive and when purchased, store them appropriately for them to last a long time.

V) What is the best time to plant onions?

Growing onions over the winter are possible as long as the winter is not harsh. Many onions can be grown in a small space, about 40 onions to a square foot. Growing onions 4 inches apart give the onions enough room to grow into a good size and adequate space between them to easily weed during the growing season.

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VI) Can you grow an onion from a supermarket?

This is not advisable to do as these onions have already been grown to their full size and won’t grow and so, it’s most likely they rot in the ground instead.

VII) How many onions grow from one bulb?

Only one onion grows from one bulb. Under normal conditions, one onion bulb produces onion. However, sometimes one bulb can produce more than one onion.

VIII) Do onion bulbs spread?

Onions, including red onions, are tunicate bulbs and tunicate bulbs are known to self-propagate by developing offsets. These offsets have their growth from the base of the bulb of the parent plant which is under the soil. Left in the ground, there is a spread of the plant as new offsets form and grow.

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IX) Do onion bulbs multiply?

Multiplying onions, also referred to as bunching onions have a principle of dividing into a clump of several more bulbs following the growth of one of its bulbs. Learn more about the growing stages.


I hope this article helps you understand how many onions you can get from one onion bulb. I would like to hear from you. So, let me know if you have any questions. Also, learn how to grow onions in a plastic bottle.


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