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Can You Save Seeds From Store Bought Peppers? If Yes, How

by Idris Ya'u
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Did you go to the store and come across a different species of pepper that you think you will like and you are wondering if you can save pepper seeds bought from the store and if the seeds will germinate if you buy it from the store?

Pepper seeds are very easy to get because they are one of the easiest plants to harvest and preserve, which will allow you to get a brand new (free) crop in the next season.

If you are confused and do not know if you can save seeds from the store bought peppers.

Then, you may want to consider these:

Pepper bought from the store may be a hybrid. This simply means that they may have been created by two different varieties.

Although there is nothing wrong with hybrid pepper, if the seeds are planted you will not have the pepper you have down because the seed might choose the dominant gene of a particular variety.

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So, you may end up with a plant that is not exactly like the one you bought from the store.

We may also want to consider if they were mature before being harvested. This is because unripe pepper seeds will not germinate if planted.

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If the pepper from the store has been tagged as irradiated. Then the pepper seeds will not germinate because the process of irradiation has made it impossible for that to have.

Irradiated food is a process carried out to eliminate food-borne pathogens.

Again, it might be impossible for you to know if the seeds are self pollinated.

So, basically, if you would like to grow pepper in your gardens, you may want to consider saving seeds if you already have pepper plants and if you do not have you can purchase the exact species from a pepper farmer.

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Here is how to save your pepper seeds

After harvesting the peppers, take them to the kitchen or selected workspace, cut them open with a clean knife and remove the seeds.

Ensure that the seeds of different varieties are separated and clearly marked throughout the process.

After removing the seeds, rinse gently to remove the remaining pulp. Then, place them on a coffee filter, newspaper or paper towel to dry.
Keep them dry in a warm, dry, well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight.

Check them every one or two days, then turn them over once or twice to make sure the bottom is dry.

Test your seed by taking one and dividing it in half. If it is brittle and cleanly split in half, your seed is completely dry and ready for storage.

You can then remove the seeds and store them for planting in the next season.

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You can save seeds from pepper bought from the store, but be sure to put into consideration the possibilities listed above.

If you are cool with it, then you are good to go with your store-bought seeds.

If not, you may want to try the tips on how to save pepper for your next planting season.

Also, note that if you store your pepper seeds correctly, just one pepper will contain a large amount of seeds that will be useful for 2-4 years.

The most convenient and safe way to store and tag your variety of pepper seed before putting them together in one large plastic is paper packet.

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