Can You Grow Green Beans In A Pot? If Yes, How

Can You Grow Green Beans In A Pot

Growing green beans in a pot or container is very much possible. It’s one of the most experimented forms of planting more first-time gardeners would love to try out while learning to plant. It’s very simple, quite easy, and straightforward which even makes it ideal for even a novice who has no gardening or form of experience.

This is one plant you would fall in love with and enjoy the planting process. One of their major characteristics is that they are warm weather-loving plants and so should not be planted when the soil is still very much wet and cold to avoid seed rotting in the soil. Most green beans are planted directly with their seeds into the ground or containers because they grow very fast and are not advisable for transplanting.

Green beans are classified based on their climbing habits which are pole beans or bush beans. Beans generally don’t need high maintenance and are quite easy to manage. The idea of growing beans in a pot works well for those with limited garden space.

Note also that despite their varieties, the same process of planting in the pots is very much the same with just a few differences. Before you begin planting there are a few things to be considered which we will look into below:

1) POT SIZE: Firstly, the size of the pot to be used is dependent on the variety of bush beans you want to plant. Your size of pot matters because it differs from bush beans to pole beans. A large pot is required for them to be able to spread out and grow well. For bush beans, the size of your pot must be large enough at least 15 inches in diameter, and for pole beans choose a pot with at least 18 inches in diameter.

2) POT DEPTH: You need to choose a pot that has enough depth and this is also dependent on the type of green beans you are planting. Pole beans need 8 to 9 inches of soil and bush beans need about 6-7inches of soil for their pot depth.

3) DRAINAGE: Ensure the pot has good drainage holes for drainage to avoid drowning the plants in excess water. Use pots that can allow for evaporation, are porous and are breathable. If you are not sure or certain about the number of seeds to be planted, you can follow the rule of planting which is nine seeds for every 12 inches of space available.

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  1. Get your potting soil mixture and fill the pot with it. Before now ensure that your compost is evenly mixed into the soil and well prepared before putting them into the pot for planting. Alternatively, if you are buying your potting mix, you may consider the one with rich, loamy soil and retains water well.
  2. Plant the seeds an inch deep and space the seeds well. You can space bush beans about three to six inches apart and pole beans about five to six inches apart after which you can cover with the soil.
  3. For pole beans you can plant about 2-3 seeds around the base of the pole or sticks you are using for support.
  4. The next thing is to water your bean seed and keep the soil moist.
  5. As soon as they begin to germinate, you can add some mulch to the soil to help prevent disease and retain water moisture.
  6. Place your pot of bean plant in the sunny area of your garden. Both the bush and pole beans need about six to eight hours of sunshine daily.

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  1. Bean plant doesn’t take too much time for their germination. Within 5 to 8 days you will see them beginning to spring forth.
  2. They need plenty of water and this is because plants in containers tend to dry out easily and so adequate watering must be done in order for the plant to germinate well.
  3. As soon as you notice the plants drying out, you can set up irrigation for the plants.
  4. For potted bean plants they should be ready for harvest between 45 to 65 days of sowing them. Keep harvesting them if you want them to keep on producing.
  5. Watch out for pests and insects and take adequate and necessary precaution against them.
  6. Watch out for bean diseases and ensure they have good air flow because this is very important in avoiding diseases.
  7. For pole beans remember to put your support system in place before planting the seeds. (You can provide them with a long pole or bamboo stick for their support).
  8. You can fertilize them monthly in order to help boost fertility.
  9. Prepare your potting soil with potting mix which is of good quality and compost. You can also prepare and mix organic materials and manure into the soil beforehand.

Growing green beans in a pot is quite easy to do. All you need to do is to follow the above process and you will be harvesting your beans in a couple of weeks. Learn more about growing green beans in the pot here.

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I hope you find this article helpful. I would like to hear from you. So, let me know if you have any questions. If you want to learn how to harvest your beans for drying, read our step-by-step guide to harvesting beans for drying here.