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How To Grow Onions In Water

by Idris Ya'u
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Growing onions in water offer a front-row seat to plant growth as you get to observe the roots extend into the water and the sprout growing out of the onion top. To grow onions in water, you will need a clear glass, clean water, and of course, some onions.

How to grow onions in water

1) Fill your glass/jar with water: Fill your glass with clean water to a reasonable level. Ensure to use a glass/jar having a smaller circumference than the onion for the onion not to fall into the water.

2) Using four toothpicks, poke around the circumference of the onion with equal spaces between them: For the onion to sit above the water without falling in, this step is necessary.

The toothpicks should be placed slightly below the middle of the onion. You may choose to use an onion that has already sprouted as it will have an easier time growing in water.

If you do not want to use toothpicks, you can perhaps, fill the glass/jar nearly to the top with pebbles or small rocks. Then, place the onion on them, and fill the glass/jar with water to ensure that just the roots and base of the onion are covered with liquid.

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3) Set the onion, roots down, on top of the glass with toothpicks resting on the rim: For the roots to be able to drink up water to promote the growth of the onion, there should be an immersion of the roots and base of the onion in water. This way, the rest of the onion also gets to be surrounded by air to prevent rotting.

4) Place the glass and onion on a windowsill that gets adequate sunlight: For onions to grow, they need adequate sunlight. So it’s best to get a windowsill in a part of your home which has adequate sunlight.

Over a week, you will notice that the roots have started elongating into the water, with a rise of green sprout from the top. To prevent rotting, change the water regularly.

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5) Cut the whole green sprout from the top of the onion to use as an edible garnish: Within a few days, an attractive green sprout will start to emerge from the top of the onion.

The whole sprout is edible and possesses a deliciously sharp and herbal taste. Get your pair of scissors and from the top of the onion, cut the green sprout and cut into thin strips. You can add the cut pieces to soup or salad as a tasty garnish.

6) Plant the onion in the soil as soon as a flower stem emerges from the top: A flower emerges after a few weeks. Then, you can choose to plant the whole onion in soil or you can choose to discard it.

After the onion has started to flower, it should be planted in soil as it can no longer grow in water. If you want to plant your onion sooner, rather than waiting for a flower stem to emerge, you can choose to plant it when you see white roots growing out of the onion.

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I hope you find this article helpful. I would like to hear from you. So, let me know if you have any questions about growing onions in water. Also, learn how to grow onions from scraps. Additionally, if you want to know how to grow green onions in water, check our article about growing green onions in water.

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