3 Best Backyard Compost Tumblers

3 Best Backyard Compost Tumblers

A compost tumbler helps to make backyard composting easier and achievable. The easy aspect is adding your food scraps to the tumbler, while the difficult part is choosing the right compost tumbler.

With so many opinions and low-cost products available, determining the best high quality product for the job can be difficult.

If you enjoy gardening and are concerned about the environment, you may be considering composting. Composting is an excellent way to recycle kitchen and food wastes and turn it into gardening fertilizer.

We’ve done much research for you in order to help you select best backyard compost tumbler. We’ve listed with details the most valuable options based on best, premium, and affordability.

We’ve included a summary of each of our selections for these categories to help you make the right choice.

Best Backyard Compost Tumbler

In a rush? Our Top Picks:

  1. Geobin Compost Bin
  2. Miracle-Gro Outdoor Garden Composter

1) GEOBIN Compost Bin

3 Best Backyard Compost Tumblers3 Best Backyard Compost Tumblers

The FCMP Outdoor IM4000 composter has an eight-sided structure with a dual-chamber interior for a quick composting process. It’s also extremely user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experts.

The FCMP Outdoor IM4000 is among the first backyard compost bins to employ an eight-sided design as opposed to a simple cylindrical barrel shape.

This tumbling design utilizes deep fins inside the unit to disperse any clumps or groupings of kitchen scraps.

You’ll also get a wide variety of air vents that can be modified to your liking or completely closed off during rainy seasons.


  1. Easy to remove door with effective large openings
  2. Best design
  3. Easy to use


  1. Possible door freezing during the winter
  2. Not suitable for large compost
  3. A bit hard to assemble.

2) Miracle-Gro Outdoor Garden Composter

3 Best Backyard Compost Tumblers3 Best Backyard Compost Tumblers

The Miracle-Gro strong compost tumbler is primarily designed for turning and rotates well, retaining your compost cluster well combined and ventilated. The Miracle-Gro large compost bin is a good choice if you want brand dependability and durability.

The Miracle-Gro big composter, like the earlier Miracle-Gro compost bin on our category, is backed by the sturdiness and support of a notable gardening brand, which is definitely something you should keep in mind.

If you have any malfunctions with your compost tumbler, you will be able to receive support fast and easy, which is one of our favorite factors to consider when purchasing this product.


  1. Good and user-friendly
  2. Perfect pest prevention
  3. It’s easy to assemble.


  1. It leaks when it’s fully loaded
  2. The stand is not too strong.

3) FCMP Outdoor HOTFROG Rolling Composter

3 Best Backyard Compost Tumblers3 Best Backyard Compost Tumblers

It has a very impressive design, so it can help you make the proceedings easily. Furthermore, it doesn’t take long and blends compost nicely.

The FCMP Outdoor 37 Gallon Chamber Quick Curing Rolling Compost Tumbler is an all-arounder double chamber compost tumbler that will change your compost conversion for the rest of time.

By purchasing this amazing compost canister, you will be able to reap numerous benefits for a long time. There’s a lot of variety in store for it.

If we’re talking about its origins, it’s made of polypropylene. The fabric could be a demanding and exceptionally long-lasting fabric.

It also has excellent blending abilities, which are the center point. Utilize this incredible item to increase the capacity of compost.


  1. It keeps odour away
  2. It takes about two weeks to change into soil
  3. Made of plastic
  4. Fastest mixing
  5. Fast rotation


  1. It cannot keep doors open.

Best Backyard Compost Tumbler: Buying Guide

The following are the important features to consider before purchasing a composing tumbler;

The Capacity

The maximum capacity and, by extending, the total number of space it takes up in your yard are perhaps the most important features to consider when buying a new outdoor compost bin.

Compost bins for kitchen come in a range of sizes and shapes, and the size you should purchase is primarily determined by your own composting requirements.

Larger families will most likely require a larger capacity compost bin because they generate more waste, whereas smaller households will require the opposite.

Compost bin capacity is generally measured in cubic feet or gallons, so you can buy pretty much any size you require.

The Style

When shopping for new backyard compost bins, there are four main types to choose from: traditional, mounted compost bins, compost tumblers, worm compost containers, also known as vermicomposting bins, and kitchen counter compost bins.

When checking the style, keep the following in mind:

Traditional Compost Bin

Composting in this manner is the most common type of composting. This is a simple, sizeable container that you can retain outside and simply toss scraps into as they materialize.

You can purchase them with or without end caps, but you must manually turn the compost to start introducing oxygen into the mix.

Composting Tumbler

Traditional composting could take a long time to complete, but if you want quick fertilizer, engage in a composting tumbler.

Because of the relatively small space and compact structure of the organic matter, it decomposes faster and releases carbon dioxide, resulting in fast and easy organic fertilizer.

The Durability

Backyard composters might be quite expensive, based on the size and type, so you’ll want to make sure it lasts a long time.

This is especially important for backyard compost bins, which are constantly exposed to the environment.

Stainless steel compost bins are extremely durable and easy to clean. Make certain that the bin is made of UV-protected materials and has a sturdy frame made of materials such as galvanized steel.

The Ventilation

You should also think about ventilation. When organic matter is exposed to plenty of oxygen, it composts more quickly.

The composter should preferably have a lot of oxygenation holes, which will shorten the time it takes to transform the waste into compost.


Outdoor composting is an excellent way to repurpose organic waste and turn it into produce for the gardens.

All of the outdoor compost containers in our review are excellent options. Remember to acknowledge the factors mentioned above when deciding which one to choose.