3 of The Best Composting Tumblers

compost tumblers

Throughout this guide, we will focus on the best compost tumblers. This article will help you to understand each model’s key features, what we like and dislike about them, and why you would need one or more of these products.

A compost tumbler is an enclosed container that can be turned to rotate, move, mash up the compost produced inside. There are many different types of tumblers on the market at the moment.

We also go over features to watch out for so you find which compost tumbler to buy. There are numerous compost tumblers available on the market.

But which compost tumbler is qualified to do the job? In this article, I have researched and hand-selected the best composting tumblers in the market so that you can make the best decision.

Best Composting Tumblers

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  1. Large Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler
  2. Spin Bin 60 Gal. Outdoor Compost Tumbler
  3. Good Ideas Large Plastic Composting Tumbler

Follow along with this guide for a detailed step-by-step features analysis, reviews, and buying guide.

1) Large Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler

3 of The Best Composting Tumblers3 of The Best Composting Tumblers

The Miracle-Gro Compost Tumbler enables you to compost effectively throughout the year. The double chambers spin totally independently, allowing you to load one while spinning the other.

Both chambers have enough material to control low and high volumes. With this tumbler, your garden will have enough compost in 4 to 6 weeks. When you need to fill up the composter, locks on the legs hold the barrel stable.


  1. The galvanized iron legs are solid, and the stringent quality control prevents gaps where insects can enter.
  2. UV-protected, BPA-free plastic helps to ensure a lengthy life without worrying about toxic substances leaching into your compost.
  3. Specific instructions take the uncertainties out of operation.


  1. Management is a bit stressful.
  2. Challenging to assemble to the pieces are properly fixed together.
  3. There is no automatic selection.
  4. The plastic appears to be too thin to withstand consistent use and harsh weather without cracking.

2) Spin Bin 60 Gal. Outdoor Compost Tumbler

3 of The Best Composting Tumblers

With lids on both sides of the handle, the Spin Bin Composter makes adding and removing material effortless. This composter is indeed a joy to use thanks to its durable construction and simple design.

Because of the amounts of well-placed airflow and drainage holes that keep the component moist and hydrated, the high capacity composts effectively. As the canister spins, the internal roller separates the substance, assisting in moisture distribution and breaking up clumps.


  1. Simply load the part that is facing up; the height of the entrance decrease back strain. – Made out of recycled plastic, which will be good for the environment.
  2. Basic composting instructions are engraved into each lid for easy reference.
  3. Low-cost and simple to assemble.


  1. Leg structures are very thin, and the weight of a massive, moisture-laden barrel may cause them to deform or break. – The vertical model makes it more difficult to turn as more item fills the barrel.
  2. Doesn’t instantly contain drainage liquid, so you must set a tray underneath the barrel to obtain it.

3) Good Ideas Large Plastic Composting Tumbler

3 of The Best Composting Tumblers3 of The Best Composting Tumblers

The Good Ideas CW-2X Compost Tumbler does have a smaller capacity but delivers a powerful punch. Because the composter is low to the ground, spinning the barrel with your leg or hands is simple.

The twist-on lids remain secure, and the tumbler is made of BPA-free plastic, making it suitable for use around pets and children. Two chambers help to start a new batch of compost even before the previous one is finished, allowing you to maintain a resourceful compost cycle.


  1. The compact design is ideal for a small balcony or outdoor space
  2. It comes fully assembled, so you won’t have to spend time putting it together
  3. Tight seals and well-placed ventilation holes keep rainwater at bay.
  4. The base gathers barrel drainage, ensuring that you will always have a supply of compost tea for manure until your compost is finished.


  1. The measurement of the lid opening makes loading and unloading material difficult.
  2. The entrance between the two components can allow substance from one edge to cross into another.
  3. Becomes difficult to move once it’s about halfway full.

Buyer’s Guide

Many tumblers are really quite interesting, and many individuals may not realize they are composters. Cranks or rollers easily turn the tumbler, requiring little effort to use your compost. Tumblers are far more efficient than traditional piles. What used to take six months now ends up taking five to eight weeks.

The realities are that more individuals are now seeing the benefits of composting in their surroundings and in their daily lives, and media attention is raising awareness every day.

Things To Consider In Composter Tumbler

In this section, I discuss the factors to consider when purchasing a compost tumbler to avoid ruining your plans.

The Moisture level

If there is too much moisture, your food scraps tumbler will stink in no time. To maintain a balanced batch, add leaf mulch, cardboard, or dried grass. Your tumbler should have an earthy scent rather than a putrid one.

Mold growth is yet another sign of excessive moisture. Don’t be alarmed by mold; it won’t harm the compost but add a few more dry brown ingredients to stabilize it.

Lack of moisture is also a concern because microbes require moisture to thrive.

The Green to Brown Balancing

To compost effectively, the perfect combination of nitrogen-rich “green” component and carbon-rich “brown” materials is needed.

This mixture provides the perfect environment for microbes and chemical reactions to break down organic matter into beautiful compost.

With practice, you’ll get a sense of how much green and brown you need to add to your compost tumbler size for the best outcome.

Capacity to Contain More

When you notice the volume of the object inside your tumbler reducing, it’s tempting to keep tossing in kitchen waste and leaves.

While it’s fine to add more content for the first week or so, it’s best to load it all at once and let it do its thing.

Remember that whenever you add new material, the preparation clock resets to zero.

So, if you don’t intend to use your compost for several months, continue adding to the tumbler. Allow enough space for the items to move when turning the unit.

If you anticipate having enough substance to compost over one batch at a moment, spend money in a double compost tumbler.

Tumbler Composting Duration

When environments are suitable, finished compost can be produced in four to six weeks.

The surroundings inside of the enclosed tumbler accelerate decomposition compared to a heap left outside.

Temperature, weather, and the ratio of materials added to the composter all influence how long it takes to finish a load. In general, most batches should be completed in less than two months.

Suitable Cost

If you’re going to start composting, a tumbler will save you time and space over a traditional outdoor compost pile. The tumbler can only be worth the price if it has all of the advertised features and functions as well.

Compost batches can be produced more quickly in a tumbler, and this only takes a few minutes to turn the tumbler each couple of days, which is very efficient.

Frequently asked questions

What not to put in a compost tumbler?

Not everything can be added into the composting tumbler. There are some compostables that are not allowed to put be in the tumbler. These include infected potatoes, weed seeds, meat, and unshredded compostables. For details, check our article on what to put in a compost.

How to use compost tumbler

Using the compost tumbler is very easy. The best thing to remember is to put your composting materials in an alternate layers of greens and browns. for details, check our article on how to make compost from scratch.

Compost tumbler vs Bin

This is usually depends on your need and the space you have. You have a large space and also you are a person who wants to do things manually, you can go for Bin. However, there are also some compost bins that come with built in turner and aerator just like tumbler.


Composting takes practice, but it really doesn’t have to be a difficult process. By utilizing the model of compost tumblers, you can minimize the time and strain associated with manually managing a compost pile.

There is indeed a compost tumbler available on the market waiting to help individuals reduce their domestic waste, regardless of their lifestyle or budget. One of the Composting Tumbler listed in this article should be able to meet your needs.