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4 Best Composting Bins For Kitchen (Kitchen Waste Machine)

by Idris Ya'u
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Composting is made simple with a quality kitchen waste bin. If you would like your food scraps to turn into nutrient-dense soil, but you don’t really want to go out to the compost bin each time you chop a vegetable, then you have to get a quality kitchen compost bin.

A well-designed and perfect kitchen compost bin will retain many of scraps while locking in foul smell until you’re prepared to take it outside to grow extra-nutritious crops, which is why a compost bin is actually one of the best health management products you can purchase.

Read through this article attentively to find the best kitchen compost bins currently on the market.

Best Composting Bins For Kitchen

1) Bamboozle Kitchen Compost Bin

4 Best Composting Bins For Kitchen (Kitchen Waste Machine)4 Best Composting Bins For Kitchen (Kitchen Waste Machine)

The Bamboozle Food Composter not only traps odors and holds a large amount of food scraps at once, but it also looks really good on your kitchen counter.

The charcoal wrapping on the lid prevents odors, thus they are barely noticeable even when the cover is removed to add more kitchen scraps.

I like that it’s a little bigger than most other kitchen compost bins. This one is much better at smell trapping and has yet to draw any flies.

Unlike other compost bins, the lid doesn’t have any hinges; instead, it has a handle that you pull to remove. This helps to make one-handed activity slightly harder, but it is extremely useful.


  1. Charcoal liner traps odors and prevent unpleasant smells
  2. The Matte graphite looks so great on your kitchen counter
  3. It’s a bit larger than some other compost bins
  4. It can hold more food and kitchen scraps without taking much of your space
  5. It’s safe to use in the kitchen and surroundings


  1. No hinges on lid, making it a bit harder to open with bare hand
  2. The Matte finish doesn’t easily show the handle
  3. Comes only with one additional charcoal filter

2) OXO Good Grips Easy-Clean Compost Bin

4 Best Composting Bins For Kitchen (Kitchen Waste Machine)4 Best Composting Bins For Kitchen (Kitchen Waste Machine)

The OXO Compost Bin continues to stand out mostly because OXO is a popular and highly regarded kitchen equipment brand, and their compost bin is still just as useful and very well as you would anticipate.

It’s a suitable size that will retain plenty of scraps without taking up much space on your kitchen counter. The cover easily opens and closes to keep odors at cove.

Furthermore, its smooth internal walls restrict food from sticking, making cleaning simple.

The OXO Good Grips Compost Bin also has a moulded bottom and detachable lid for quick emptying, as well as a moving handle for transporting to your backyard compost bin or pile.


  1. Medium sized and doesn’t have to be emptied everyday
  2. Small footprint will not occupy your kitchen counter space
  3. Made for easy use and convinient cleaning


  1. Plastic product
  2. No ventilation, therefore it may attract some flies
  3. It’s medium size may not be suitable for a large number of family.

3) Chef’n EcoCrock Counter – Compost Bin

4 Best Composting Bins For Kitchen (Kitchen Waste Machine)4 Best Composting Bins For Kitchen (Kitchen Waste Machine)

Among the most standard kitchen compost bins on this category is the EcoCrock.

The sturdy, advanced compost bin has a ventilated area lid that uses charcoal filters to filter odor. Because the lid is bigger than most other crocks, ensure to get the charcoal controls designed specifically for this model.

This compost containers is made of sturdy ceramic and has a cute lid that shows what’s inside.


  1. Modern design with sleek
  2. Good charcoal filters size and odor free
  3. Easy to use, empty, and clean
  4. The filters can function for months before each disposal


  1. Small in capacity than some other compost bins
  2. Some users complain of the lid not fitting tightly as supposed
  3. Plastic lid, not ceramic like the body container.

4) Farmhouse Compost Crock Bin

This beautiful compost crock not only holds your compost scraps, but it also looks great on your counter top. Particularly if your home already has a rustic feel to it.

With a capabilities of five quarts, this could be a good option for a large family. It’s made of sturdy steel and has a rustic ceramic surface. The bail handle is made of wood and has a wooden grip. This crock requires slightly more upkeep than non-vented recycling bins.


  1. Attractive and very rustic look
  2. Made of ceramic finish
  3. It has carbon filters
  4. It’s easy to open and close one-handed


  1. All kitchen decorating styles may not fit in
  2. May form wet scraps on the bottom, which can cause unpleasant odour
  3. It has an arrow top which makes it challenging to empty the compost.

Buyer’s Guide

There are some features to consider if you want to have and use a suitable compost bin for kitchen. The following are the most important factors to consider before choosing and purchasing a compost bin.

The Portability

If you intend to carry your compost bin to a domestic market or some other drop-off location, choose a lightweight model, preferably with a handle. Otherwise, a strong, recyclable bag will suffice for both transportation and composting.

The Bin Size

A one-gallon bin is a good starting point for most bins, particularly those with a small apartment or no backyard.

Because you want to throw away your compost on a regular basis to avoid unhygienic odors or fruit flies in the house, keep your leftover food in the fridge.

The Design

Many compost bins come with a refillable and cleanable charcoal filter. The filter reduces bad smells, fits perfectly into the lid, and lasts three to six months before needing to be replaced.

The Storage Capacity

Environmental experts and chefs acknowledge that the freezer is the better place to keep organic scraps for both trips to the green market or compost location.

Whatever the container may be, those who do not have the privilege of a backyard compost bin measures from their home should make the necessary efforts to have a compost bin in a suitable location.


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Flies are among the most common problems associated with holding leftover food in the kitchen.

As a result, getting a good compost bin will definitely bring solution to this challenge.

The comprehensive quality compost bin listed on this article, you can easily make to the right selection.

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