Best DIY Cheap Container Garden Ideas

Best DIY Cheap Container Garden Ideas

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If you are looking to making adjustments to your house to bring it into the most perfect state with beautiful plants, cheap container gardening ideas can be conceived from your innermost creative self.

Although it’s plants that usually add color to your garden, the ones at the other spotlight are usually the containers.

Whether yours is a balcony, a backyard or a patio, there will always be enough space that can make your ideas come alive in an authentic form.

If you would love to get it over the edge, going dramatically catchy, your containers can draw an effect with the varities of plants in each planter to create a seasonal or lifetime of focus aesthetics.

Also your ideas can cut across a variety of plants to choose from-with a good compost soil, you can always achieve your goals of making healthy plants grow in your garden.

You are not limited in any way for you to try out your own unique container gardening ideas because the world of container gardening is in your hands to create your own reality.

Below are tips to help you get started with:

1# A Mix of Pots And Planters

You may want to keep your garden glowing by getting varities of planters with the most colorful effect to show for it. All you need to do is to group the Similar ones together and Arrange them by heights and sizes to make it look neat and tidy.

For the colors, let it be one to match your walls, bricks or paints. Container gardening thankfully avails you the opportunity to rearrange your plants, whenever you wish to do so, creating another form of artful design according to tends or an evolution of Seasons.

2# Mix Up Plants In A Big Container

If you happen to have just one big container for gardening, it’s perfectly okay if you can still want to mix plants up. Divide your large planter into the number of plants you may want to dig into the soil to establish a perfect form.

Shorter plants should be deeply rooted at the center and topped up with enough soil to come up a bit. The medium sized plants should be at the front while the tallest ones, occupy the back. The display design should be constructed according to the position of the Container.

3# Create A Shelve Design For Your Plants

This is a clever way to get your garden looking beautiful, creatively making a shelve for their standing places. People who own houses with steps, walls or shelves will find it easy to achieve this design with their Container. Each sets of pots should be arranged together according to size. This style costs you absolutely nothing but time.

Cheap Planter Designs

1# Wine Bottle Planter

Gulping your favorite wine is a sweet experience that can influence your inability to get rid of the bottle. If you fall in this category of wine lovers, you already have the perfect planting design for your garden.

Simply, remove the bottom of the bottle and turn it vertically up side down. Fill the container with compost soil and plant and watch plant grow soon after that.

2# Broken Kitchen Planters

Long- gone- old kitchen chairs are a great choice. You can use the seat adapted into a planter box. Mount them on any fence or strong hold in the house. Plant annually and enjoy.

3# Bird Cage Planter

This is a very beautiful piece of Art if you use it to plant succulents vegetables, flowers and herbs in your house. Its very simple to convert.

4# Dish Plante

Use some olds plates with this.. The spoilt and broken ones can be used as planters for your garden.

5# Door Plant Stand

Do you have a farm house and the doors are old and worn out? You can use it to construct yourself a beautiful Container planter. Fix it on a wall and attach a hayrack planter.

6# Boot Planter

Here, your old winter and farm boots can still serve a useful purpose. Create a little hole at the toe for drainage after you must have fixed in your potting soil and plant inside.

Conclusively, You don’t have to break a bank looking to create your own cheap unique Container gardening deas. Follow up the above steps closely and you will eventually have a successful Container gardening outing.