11 Best Flowers For Container Gardening

11 Best Flowers For Container Gardening

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Container gardening flowers are a must have because almost everyone enjoys having flowers to decorate their houses. To stsrt requires you to find a perfect flowers and container for your garden. There are quite a lot of gardening ideas to execute your container flower idea with for example hanging baskets, window boxes; large or small containers etc.

Flowers come in different sizes, various shapes and lots of colors. There are many kinds of beautiful flowers you can always chose from. The likes of Bidens, hibiscus and Geranium etc makes a perfect fit for a Container Garden.

Below is a complied list of flowers you can plant in your garden and the best suitable Container for each.

1# Pansy Flower

The multi colored flower is a winter and early spring bloomer. Their colors range from dark red, pale yellow, light blue, orange and purple.

It is 6-12 in height. It makes perfect for mixed planting done in a shallow Container. They are not sun lovers so keep away from sun so they don’t get burned up by mid summer.

2# Calibra Chao

Calibra Chao is measured in height at 6-12 inch. The small stature flower is also called window box. They are the best choice for window box or hanging baskets. They have varieties of fine colors of dark red, orange, purple, white and bright yellow. It is quite comfortable when planted in a missed Container.

3# Fuchsia

Fushsia fondly called “Lady’s eardrop ” prides itself as a beautiful flower with long stems sprouting from its bright purple, white and pink petals. They are not heat friendly flowers so they prefer sun shades. They are very light that’s why hanging planters are suitable for them..

4# Geranium

Geraniums are one of the most popular container garden flowers. It blossoms from late spring through summer and always at it’s irresistible best almost every season.. They are 12-13 in height. and they look ravishing and glowing in the sun all season long.

5# Sweet Alyssum

The unique thing about this flower is it’s sweet fragrance. A dry soil flower, Alyssum blossoms mostly during summer. And because of its petite height at 6, it can fit into any container from window box and hanging boxes. Their poofs in long stems looks beautiful and gorgeous.

6# Dahlia

Dahlia comes in various colours and sizes. There are ones of 2 inch and others 15 inch across.

Their regular height is 3-4 tall. They are sun loving. People mostly use it to decorate their surrounding because of their color variation of pink, yellow and white. It can actually be replanted as the tubers can be stored for winter and replanted in the next spring. It is likewise economically friendly.

7# Mums

Mums are late bloomers that thrive mostly in fall. It has a nickname ” Chrysanthemum “. They are also heat loving flowers that prefers full sun but can do well partly under shade. The height is between 18-24.

8# Bidens

Bidens is the petite five yellowed flower nicknamed “Peter’s Gold Carpet “. They are late summer and early winter bloomers. They are pretty small. Height about 12-18/and can fit into any type of container. They love to be warmed up in sun and prefers dry soil.

9# Snapdragon

The rainbow colored flower mostly in red, orange, yellow , lavender and off white is but one of the most popular container garden flower of our time. It has a nickname Antirrhinum. The tall spiked flower is 12-28 stem reach..

10# Star Flower

Of course! The name star flower was gotten from their shapes as stars. These flowers are in colors of bright blue and vibrant pink. Blossoming with a stunning green foliage. They do love heat and sun so you won’t be seeing them in the middle of summer.

11# Winged Begonia

This is a long lasting, largely green leafed and colorful flower. They love moistened soil and equally loves sun light. They have very low maintenance ability and can die off as they continue to age.


Conclusively, Using container garden flowers adds colors and beauty to your out door space.

Balcony, yards and patio owners can equally have their houses decorated with beautiful flowers, gardening in containers if they follow through with our above suggestions.

All you need to do is pick some beautiful flowers of choice, good potting mixes and a fitting container for a start.

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